5 reasons you need a recipe-ready cell phone

Mobio Networks today is touting a new service that "provides instant access to hundreds of thousands of recipes anytime, anywhere" on your cell phone or gadget of choice.

Now, regular readers may remember that I've poked fun at high-tech recipe-delivery systems in the past, but I've given the matter additional thought and come up with five scenarios under which I could see a service of this nature making sense. Here goes:

1) You're on the subway listening to a pair of thugs argue about who makes the best chili. They lob increasingly venomous insults back and forth for three stops, jostling strap-hangers with their arm-waving and chest-thumping. Sensing a teachable moment, you step between the warring parties, present your recipe-enabled cell phone and say, "Gentlemen, allow me to show you why you're both wrong."

2) You’re at your in-laws' place for Thanksgiving dinner. Dreading the annual assault upon your senses that is this household's giblet gravy, you flip open your phone, hip-check your wife's mother away from the stove, dump her vile sludge down the disposal, and commence whipping up something that won't look like it came from a Jiffy Lube. (File icy stares under small price to pay.)

3) Your travel department has sentenced you to three days in a Motel 6 on the outskirts of Piscataway where the nearby dining options are open around-the-clock not so much for convenience as to guard against the ever-present threat of a grease fire. There’s a 24-hour 7-Eleven across the street, naturally, so wouldn’t it be great to be able access “101 Sterno-ready Recipes for the Road Warrior” on your cell?

4) You're tailgating with the guys; first-time invite, go figure. Steaks, brats, baked beans, spuds the size of footballs, tubs of sour cream and butter to beat the halftime band. You and your phone: "Hey, fellas, did you know that the American Heart Association has all these wonderful low-cholesterol recipes?"

5) Finally, who doesn't need another pleasant diversion from the tedium of watching the road while driving?

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