Cutting The Microsoft Apron Strings

Several co-workers of mine over the past year have taken the plunge and become Mac Book Pro users. Most are heavy Linux users who begrudgingly used Microsoft technologies because they wanted to fully integrated into Outlook and Office applications with others in the company. (See the bit of a hornets nest I stirred up in my blog post Linux Won't Take The Desktop Away From Microsoft Anytime Soon.)

I've not seen many (or any) who tried to completely cut ties from Microsoft technology on the desktop and backend servers. But that's what Ross Carlson is attempting for one of the VCs I've worked with, Brad Feld.

Ross is one of the "bellwether" IT guys in my network of IT professionals who support Microsoft along with Cisco and other multi-vendor environments as a one or two person IT shop. Ross has provided invaluable feedback to the products and product ideas I've developed. I always review my ideas with Ross because he has strong views about how he likes to run his ship.

So when Ross says that he's attempting to support all the folks in his office move off Microsoft products on the desktop, and now the backend servers too, I listen. Ross' users have mostly converted to Mac OS X now and I know that Brad has tried unsuccessful to move onto the Mac as his primary desktop in the past.

I'm anxious to see what happens and how this all turns out. Ross is far more technically astute than probably most IT folks in a business of under 25 people (he does a lot of vetting of technology for the investors in their firm, and has supported larger networks) so if Ross can't transition the office off Microsoft, then I'm guessing not too many others would.

I'll keep you informed about how it goes. Check out Ross' and Brad's blog as well if you want to follow along.

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