Quiz: How much do you know about Cisco? Take our quiz and find out

How much do you know about Cisco? Cisco Subnet has been with you since February watching Cisco's every move and along the way have met some great individuals who operate in the Cisco industry (some of whom are blogging for us on a regular basis!). Take this multiple-choice answer quiz of Cisco happenings over the past year and let's see how much you know about Cisco and whether you're the equivalent of a high-end all-knowing Cisco CRS-1, a midrange Catalyst, or a small but perfectly formed Linksys router.

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer (there are also opportunities for bonus points), tally up your score, and see the final page for whether you are a CRS-1, a midrange Catalyst, or a small Linksys router.

1. What's the name of the new home of the Oakland A's that is being built in Fremont, Calif.? 

A) Cisco Field

B) Cisco Park

C) Cisco Stadium

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2. Which company did Cisco sue over its use of a Linksys trademark, but subsequently kissed and made up with?


B) Apple


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3. Where in the world did senior Cisco exec Wim Elfrink pulled up stakes and move his family to? Give yourself an extra 5 bonus points for naming the city, and an extra 10 points for knowing what his mother-in-law said.

A) Ireland

B) India

C) Saudi Arabia

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4. Which rising heir-apparent resigned from Cisco back in February, leaving CEO John Chambers with a sole heir?

A) Dennis Powell

B) Mike Volpi

C) Charlie Giancarlo

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5. Which former FCC chief popped up on Cisco's board in March?

A) Michael Powell

B) Reed Hunt

C) William Kennard

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6. Which company did Cisco purchase for $3.2B in March?

A) WebEx

B) IronPort

C) Extreme Networks

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7. Where in the world is Cisco's second largest non-U.S. development center?

A) Ireland

B) China

C) Israel

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8. Which university suffered a wireless data flooding at the hands of Cisco WLAN controllers?

A) Duke

B) Harvard


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9. What's the name of the basic level network certification?

A) Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician

B) Cisco Certified Foundation Level Technician

C) Cisco Certified Network Associate Technician

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10. Which rock sensation played at Cisco Networkers 2007?

A) Prince

B) Bruce Springsteen


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11. What's the name of Cisco's new advanced level certification that's now being developed?

A) Cisco Certified Design Expert

B) Cisco Certified Network Expert

C) Cisco Certified Network Master

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12. In July, Network World caught up with a former Cisco senior executive as he was putting the finishing touches on his latest company XKL - what's his name?

A) Mike Volpi

B) Len Bosack

C) Mario Mazzola

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13. In July, John Chambers let slip to a group of European reporters that the name of one of Cisco's acquisitions would be replaced by the Cisco brand, but days later the spin doctors at both firms said this was not going to be the case in the foreseable future. Which subsidiary was Chambers referring to?

A) WebEx

B) Linksys

C) IronPort

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14. In September, what did Cisco Senior VP Howard Charney tell the audience at Networkers 2007 in Brisbane, Australia?

A) He admitted that a quarter of its acquisitions haven't worked out.

B) He admitted that Juniper is eating Cisco's lunch.

C) He admitted that there is no more money to be made in enterprise switches.

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15. Which celebrated router expert bounced back at Cisco for the second time in his career?

A) Jeff Doyle

B) Steve Morris

C) Tony Li

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16. What has Cisco got to do with the annual Burning Man festival in Nevada?

A) It bought selected assets of Utah Street Networks, which operates Tribe.net, host of the Burning Man online community.

B) John Chambers gave a keynote address about the Human Network - naked

C) Cisco provided the networking equipment for the burning of the Man on Saturday night

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17. Andrew Sage, cisco senior director of worldwide channel marketing told Computerworld: "About six months ago, we hosted an event [...] for 40 or so channel partners, and in the midst of making a presentation, I accidentally hit the 'fly' button and flew away right in front of everybody. It took a while to navigate back." What was talking about?

A) A feature in Cisco's new Data Center 3.0 strategy based on virtualization where network admins can "fly" inside devices for troubleshooting purposes.

B) A feature in a new Cisco sales initiative where sales execs "fly" from one sales call to the next through TelePresence.

C) A feature that will not be present in the Cisco Industry Solutions Partner Network, its Second Life-like virtual world for its global channel partners.

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18. What does Scott Morris, quadruple CCIE keeps in his basement?

A) 20,000 back copies of Network World.Click here for the answer

B) A home lab worth $2.3 million

C) A framed signed copy of Jeff Doyle's first print run of "Routing TCP/IP".

19. What did Chambers tell his employees to cancel each quarter.

A) A trip to Starbucks

B) One business trip

C) Lunch

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20. Which Cisco competitior (up until Dec. 31) is offering Cisco-certified pros free training to get certified on its products?

A) Nortel

B) 3Com

C) Juniper

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So how did you do?

0 answer correct: I think you need a huge dose of Cisco Subnet.

1-10 answers correct:You're a small but perfectly formed Linksys router. You know you can stuff more features into your operating system but first you'll have to study Cisco Subnet constantly. Make sure you make Cisco Subnet your home page!

10-15 answers correct:You're an established Catalyst workhorse who can retain information well and act upon it. You still need to study Cisco Subnet though to learn about the latest features and happenings at Cisco that you can use to help push you above the limitations of your competitors.

15 -35 answers correct:You are a star performer -a true CRS-1. Thank you for being such a devoted Cisco Subnet reader. Now tell all your friends to read Cisco Subnet as well!

Thanks for taking part in the quiz. Now get back to work!

The Cisco Subnet team

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