Cisco Subnet's top 10 of 2007

Cisco Subnet has been following Cisco - the company, its personalities and the individuals who work in the Cisco industry - since we launched the Cisco Subnet Community in February. We're

witnessing Cisco morphing into a software firm - with an emphasis on social networking for enterprises - and we've been following its ups and downs as it tries to broaden itself away from relying on its traditional bead-and-butter network plumbing gear. Thank you, dear reader, for joining us on the Cisco ride. We've collected the year's most-read Cisco Subnet Community items for your pleasure. See what you enjoyed reading and commenting on in 2007.

 10. 10 things partners are saying about Cisco 

Tough love or not tough enough? Cisco it appears has an up and down relationship with its partners, as the 2007 VARBusiness Alternatives Study found. Cisco Subnet blogger in March gave a run-down of the top-10 gripes of Cisco partners.

9. No way to slow down  

Earlier this year, we welcomed renowned IP routing author Jeff Doyle as a regular Cisco Subnet blogger. In one of his first posts, Jeff discussed the issue of the depletion of IPv4 addresses sometime in 2010 and warned that new IPv4 address assignments are likely to become unavailable much sooner.

8. Hackers gain access to private hotel network using Cisco VoIP 

 As fast as Cisco's marketing team is pushing its unified communications strategy to the market Cisco's security team is issuing security advisories and responses related to its VoIP products - we counted seven in the past year. One of the more high-profile Cisco VoIP issue was a presentation in October by two hackers at a security conference explaining how they used a Cisco VoIP phone to hack into their hotel's corporate network.

7. Wanted CCIE Voice Experts: $160K to $200K to start 

Just to illustrate the premium employers are willing to pay for expert Cisco knowledge, Cisco Subnet blogger Brad Reese in February received a call from a stressed out HR manager at a Cisco partner seeking CCIE voice experts. Is it any wonder the manager was stressed out - as Reese reports, there are only 411 CCIE voice experts worldwide, accounting for less than 3% of CCIES around the world. Did the HR manager ever manage to find that hire?

6. Top 6 Cisco acquisitions of 2007; what it should buy in 2008 

 We love end-of-year lists and it appears you do too. In at No. 6 in the top-read Cisco Subnet community item is (spookily enough) the list of the top-6 Cisco acquisitions of 2007. We also took a look at what the network giant should buy in 2008. Since we wrote that list, Cisco says it expects to close its purchase of WiMAX vendor Navini and is setting its sights on using the wireless broadband technology to bring broadband access to the developing world. It also laid out is grand plan to be the new software giant.

5. Deadwood from Motorola - Padmasree Warrior, fills vacant CTO role at Cisco last held by Charlie Giancarlo 

Early in December Cisco installed former CTO at struggling Motorola, Padmasree Warrior, as its own CTO. The Cisco CTO chair had been vacant for more than 2 years since Charlie Giancarlo left it to go onto higher things (more recently to head up Cisco's revamped development organization). Why did Cisco hire a CTO of a struggling tech company? How are Warrior and Giancarlo going to split responsibilities? Hopefully, answers to these questions will emerge as the new year progresses.

4. What do you get when spending $1 million for a single Cisco router?  

What exactly do you get for a Cisco uBR10012 Universal Broadband Router going for a list price of $980,000.00? Brian Wilson - CISSP CCNA CCSE CCAI MCP JNCIA Network+ Security+, has the answer.

3. The ultimate list of Cisco administration tools 

What's the best Cisco router configuration and management tool? David Davis, whos has worked in the IT industry for 12 years and holds several certifications, including CCIE, MCSE+I, CISSP, CCNA, CCDA, and CCNP, has the answer.

2. Quiz: How much do you know about Cisco? Take our quiz and find out  

As we've said before, we love making end-of-year lists and our quiz proved to be a winner (but didn't win the top spot as the most-read Cisco Subnet community item in '07). So how did you do in our quiz?

1. The $2.3 million home lab of Scott Morris, Quadruple CCIE  

In June, Scott Morris, quadruple CCIE, showed us the $2.3 million home lab he keeps in his basement. The lab started out as a single standard 7-foot 19" rack, bloomed to two standard racks, grew into three Ortronics Mighty-Mo 19" rack systems, and finally it blossomed into four separate rack cabinets. Our readers didn't mince words about what they thought of the setup - "nothing like free advertising" wrote one, "the equipment isnt even worth $250k!" wrote another. A comment by another poster said it all: "I See Envy Running Wide in the Commentaries." We love our readers - keep reading and keep those comments coming!

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