Why does HP recommend Cisco instead of ProCurve?

HP ProCurve
In the past while engaged in conversation with regard to competitive Cisco vs. HP ProCurve arguments, network industry luminaries have personally asked me: Why does HP recommend Cisco instead of ProCurve? Intrigued, I brought the above question directly to the attention of HP ProCurve itself. Below is the official HP ProCurve response:

John McHugh
"HP does not recommend Cisco to resellers," said John McHugh - HP ProCurve General Manager and Vice President. "The goal of HP Services is to give customers the best possible service, regardless of vendor (FYI, neither HP nor HP Services have any preferred vendors)." "HP Services is an industry-leading, multi-vendor global networking solution provider. As such, HP Services recommends, designs, implements and supports networking solutions from most of the major enterprise network providers -- including ProCurve -- based on the requirements of each customer."

"HP recommends ProCurve for customers who are deploying advanced networking functionality but want a network infrastructure that is open, industry-standard and readily supportable by a technically diverse workforce." "Often this is a substantial improvement over proprietary, single-vendor solutions. Those require support staff who need to be specially trained and certified just to maintain the operations of the infrastructure." "The fact ProCurve has been substantially outgrowing the market for the last several years indicates more and more customers are recognizing the value of ProCurve in their network."

Obviously, HP ProCurve is rapidly stepping out of the shadow cast by Cisco within HP Services.

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