Crapware Just As Susceptible To Security Vulnerabilities

Pre-installed software on new laptops and desktops, dubbed "crapware" by many, can just as easily be the entre point for malware as any other software. Most crapware is just that, crap software you don't likely use or want, and will need to be removed to get back some of that valuable system performance, clean up your file system, desktop and installed programs. But some of it can actually be useful, like update software or additional utilities, CD burning software, etc.

Useful or not, crapware can have it's own vulnerabilities too. If the distribution is widespread enough, crapware is a target rich environment for malware creators.

HP has now experienced their third software vulnerability in 2007, now in the HP Update software that keeps much of the HP added software to laptops up to date. HP Update keeps drivers (like video and sound cards), recovery software and other HP tools update with new fixes, patches and updates. It is a useful tool to have one your system, though I'm not sure how much additional value it brings than Windows Update already does on Vista systems.

The lesson here is, any software can be an entre point for attacks. The more software installed, the more opportunity for it to be exploited and hacked. Every software creator, including HP, must take the security of their software seriously. And no matter how good the processes, there will be security holes.

Bottom line, if you don't need the added crapware, get it off your system. It's one less piece of software that could get hacked and your computer performance will be the better for it.

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