Speak Out: What's Your Motivation for Moving to Google Apps

This is your chance to speak out -- Why are you replacing, or are you planning to replace, Microsoft Office with Google Apps? Or maybe you're not, and the fuss over Google Apps is all about nothing. Post your views here, to share your experiences and send a message to Microsoft, Google, Apple and other fellow PC users.

After I wrote my blog post yesterday about Mike Rothman's move from Microsoft to Google and Mac OS X technologies in his business, I wasn't expecting to turn right around and read another article about the same topic. But that's just what happened. Network World's Jon Brodkin wrote a piece describing two more examples of Google Apps replacing Microsoft products, in his article Google Apps lures early adopters with low price, easy setup.

Is the motivation to move from Microsoft Office to Google Apps about the software costs? Is it a sign of protest against Microsoft's dominance in the market? Hatred of Microsoft? Is this phenomenon limited to very small offices of 1-3 people? Will offices of 10, 20, 50 or more make this same move to Google Apps?

I have lots of questions about this dynamic we're seeing in the marketplace. Some of these questions come from my own startup business experiences, and my frustrations with "going it alone" earlier in the life of Macintosh products in a Windows world. It can be a painful and lonely experience but maybe the tide has changed and it really is viable to run businesses on Google Apps.

I'm certainly a believer in the Web 2.0 and On Demand software model and the increasing impact its having in our industry. Like free open source software, free Google applications makes some of the setup, integration, incompatibilities and other types of problems palpable. That's not saying Microsoft Office is immune from problems. But it does take effort to make the move, so the reward has to be worth the effort invested to make it happen.

Post your thoughts about why this move is appealing, how much work is really involved, what problems you encountered and what solutions or workarounds you've found?

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