Vista Update Craters Microsoft Word

I came downstairs this morning to find my Vista computer applying fixes and then rebooting. Yesterday six new updates were installed automatically by Windows Update.

Word stopped working

Since that update, Microsoft Word no longer functions properly. Clicking a .doc document results in Word starting but not opening the file. Dragging a file into the open Word application window will open the file, but the scroll bars do not function. Eventually without too much effort Word will simply crash and then restart itself. Even just closing Word can cause it to crash.

Windows Update says there are no additional updates to install for either Vista or Office. I'm left to uninstall Office and attempt a reinstall at this point.

Keeping your software up to date is very important from a security perspective, but when doing so blows away your productivity because of poor installation or compatibility quality issues, life is very painful.

Microsoft. You get a grade of F for this round of patches.

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