My Announcements For Macworld 2008

I don't know what got into me to go and make predictions about Apple's Macworld announcements just a few hours away, but what the heck, I'm going to put myself out there and see if I was even close. Here are both my serious and far reaching announcements Apple should make at Macworld 08. I've thrown in a few tongue-in-cheek ideas too for your amusement (or maybe not.) As a former Apple zealot, I hope all of the Apple advocates will get a chuckle too.

The Big Announcement - The iPhone Plus

In an effort to provide a phone that more than just Apple-koolaid drinkers and techno-must-haves can use, Apple will fill out the iPhone offering with a phone that has features for "the rest of us". Topping off the new feature list is the long awaited Microsoft Exchange support, an essential requirement for any business iPhone-wannabe user.

New hardware models of the iPhone will include several new features. First, a slide out keyboard option so you don't have to fat-finger text entered on the iPhone's onscreen keyboard. Higher capacity built in memory options will be available so you can download, store and watch those Twentieth Century Fox movies we've heard rumors about. New models will also include a built in GPS receiver to work with Google Maps, and tracker software so you know where you're dearest iPhone user is located at anytime. Still MIA will be a slot for flash or SD memory expansion options so you'll be sure to upgrade to the iPhone II when it comes out in 2009.

Software updates to the iPhone include landscape display support for most of the iPhone apps (vs. just the Safari browser today), support of Adobe Flash and improved JavaScript support, a bevy of software ISVs who will bring iPhone supported applications to market including a SlingPlayer (for your SlingBox), mySpace and Facebook social networking software, and a built in instant messaging client, dubbed iBlabber.

The Bigger Announcement - The iPhone Visa

If Apple really wants to knock our socks off at Macworld, how about adding something really cool to the iPhone that we aren't expecting. How about a built in Visa card fob so you can make purchases by waiving your iPhone Visa past one of the fob readers at the gas station or convenience store. That would be a nice touch.

To help speed adoption and run up high balances on consumers' credit cards, Justin Timberlake will introduce the iPhone Vista, err.. I mean the iPhone Visa, by teaching us how to make purchases using a new dance called the Loose Pocket.

The Smaller Announcement - The Mac Pro Lite

Apple needs an updated small and light laptop for business users and students with the bucks to carry around the lightest Mac Pro laptop. Though this small underpowered segment of the laptop market is one manufactures struggle to make a lot of money at, Apple will still bring out an updated lite laptop to fill that niche within the Apple laptop faithful.

parade wave
To conserve keyboard space, the Mac Pro Lite laptop will feature an invisbile air mouse that makes its user appear as though they are giving the universal parade stiff -armed wave when using the air mouse. Bad news though -- The new air mouse will still only feature one button.

The Smallest Announcement - The iPhone Newton

Once the iPhone Plus is shipping with the features we would liked to have seen in the iPhone the first time around, Apple will rename the original iPhone the iPhone Newton and serendipitously send it out to pasture to live with the Apple Newton, the Lisa computer, and the iPhone bricks created during the last software update.

The Don't Bother Announcement - No Updated Apple TV

Many expect Apple to revamp the ill fated Apple TV product. I don't think that's happening at this year's Macworld. I didn't understand the Apple TV when it was announced, and understood Apple TV even less once I saw it.

Who wants to buy a movie with iTunes on their computer, sync up Apple TV with iTunes, all so that two hours later you can watch a standard resolution and lesser quality video on your 1080i HD TV screen. All of these things can be fixed but with DRVs nearly standard equipment from your cable TV or satellite provider, why bother fixing the shortcomings of the Apple TV.

Now, lets see how I did. I'm looking forward to checking out what Apple's Macworld announcements really are in just a few hours. It should be interesting!

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