Announcing-Converging On Microsoft Podcast #1

Software Developers! Bring your software to market as a Micro-ISV! Developer and author Bob Walsh gives us the skinny on how you can create your own Micro-ISV software business, without turning yourself into a marketing weenie, on this week's Conveging On Microsoft Podcast. (33:20)

The editors at Network World have been prodding me to start a companion podcast to the Converging On Microsoft blog. Since the blog has been doing so well since it started in November, now seems like a really good time to get one started.

I've actually been podcasting for about a year on my personal podcast co-hosted with my friend Alan Shimel, called the StillSecure After All These Years Podcast (also called the SSAATY Podcast.) Alan's personal blog goes by the same name. One of the lessons I learned from the experiences of our successful podcast (over 8,500 subscribers) is the importance of having interesting people on as guests. Interesting people are actually more important than interesting topics. (One can make up for the other, but not visa versa.)

So the tag line for the Converging On Microsoft is Interesting People on Interesting Topics In The World of Microsoft. I'll be doing just that, gathering the most interesting people I can find to join us for a 20 or so minute conversation.

Author and Micro-ISV BoB Walsh
So lets get started. Join me in welcoming my first COM Podcast #1 guest, Bob Walsh, founder and managing partner of Safari Software Inc. Bob's passion is helping software developers become software entrepreneurs by taking software they've created and starting small businesses called Micro-ISVs. You know me... I have a passion for entrepreneurs and Bob became one himself by starting his first Micro-ISV company, Safari Software.

Bob is also an author of two books Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality and Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them. He blogs regularly at and the Web Worker Daily.

Join me in welcoming Bob Walsh as our first interesting person on the Converging On Microsoft Podcast.

Enjoy the show and I hope you'll send me your feedback. Please feel free to email any questions, ideas and suggestions to me at

Converging On Microsoft Podcast


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