Confessions of a Former Apple Zealot

I've been de-programmed off Apple for more than a decade now. I'm no Apple fan boy anymore. I've learned my lesson. It's amusing to me to see Apple's minor resurgence in popularity, or is it more of an anti-vote against Microsoft.

I was an Apple and Mac zealot when there really was a significant difference in technology and user experience between Apple and Microsoft. That was when Windows was a poor substitute for the experience the Mac OS delivered. But around the time of Windows 95, things changed. The Mac became almost as unstable and complicated to run as Windows 95. The gap closed considerably, making the tradeoffs no longer worth the price of being right, or using a "better" windowed operating system. I paid a big price by sticking with Apple for so long, and I learned some lessons about what I value.

My number one gripe, and still is today, is Apple's attitude towards closed hardware. The PC has so many more options available, whether it be hardware, software or peripherals. The Macbook Air proved again Apple's arrogance about closed hardware. Same with the iPhone. Who wants to be without their laptop or phone while their battery is being replaced. And we know Apple's track record of poor batteries in their products. Even the iPhone's software was closed until Apple finally began opening it up for third party developers.

It think the thing I learned most from those experiences, good and bad, of being an Apple zealot is that I highly value choice. I value choice and freedom to choose the hardware, operating system, software, etc., that I want. I don't want to be limited to what Apple chooses to sell me. And, I like lots of choices, not just a few. I like having five, ten or more options to chose from when I'm buying software, not one or two.

What's ironic is now that I don't wear my Apple fan boy glasses anymore, today Apple looks more like the company Apple fought against in the "1984 doesn't have to be like 1984" commercial.

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