Is Cisco still guilty of providing no input into support for non-Cisco environments?

Enterasys Secure Networks
A while back, a Gartner Report took Cisco to task by stating: Cisco provided no input into support for non-Cisco environments…the downside of Cisco’s innovations is that it is largely for Cisco-only implementations.

Mark Fabbi
In the same report according to Gartner VP and Distinguished Analyst Mark Fabbi, "Enterasys was the initial innovator in embedded network security." "Enterasys coined the secure networks approach and delivered key aspects of embedded network security before the rest of the market."

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Enterasys hardware can uniquely discover, classify and prioritize voice traffic while interoperating with IP telephony solutions from Avaya, Cisco, Mitel, Nortel, Panasonic, ShoreTel, Siemens and others. While not always known for their marketing expertise, the team at Enterasys has been delivering Multi User Authentication and Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement for more than five years. Enterasys Network Access Control is how it has been coined today. Perhaps Enterasys realized that sushi sounds better from a marketing perspective than cold dead raw fish. Enterasys Network Access Control Solution

Enterasys Network Access Control Solution
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Trent Waterhouse
"Enterasys NAC ensures only the right users are accessing the right information from the right place at the right time," said Trent Waterhouse - VP Marketing at Enterasys. "Compliance needs and liability issues are driving organizations to have visibility and control over exactly who connects to their network and what privileges they have once connected." "The recent SAFE Act in Congress imposes fines of $300,000 if somebody does something inappropriate or illegal when using your network."
Fritz Butikofer
"Enterasys keeps us safe and their standards-based, open-architecture approach provides us trouble-free interoperability with other vendors’ products to protect existing investments as we expand and address new requirements," said Fritz Butikofer - chief of the network group of IT Services of the University of Bern. "What you need is what you get when connecting to the network." "The agent-less approach with Enterasys NAC is a great advantage in a university environment because it is inefficient or often impossible to install client software on personal computers we do not own or manage." "Enterasys understands the demands we face better than any vendor we’ve worked with, and provides the timely products and support we need as our network evolves."

Interoperability: Enterasys NAC can be deployed in-line at the distribution layer of the network or out-of-band in the core for wired or wireless networks. Interoperability with Microsoft NAP and the Trusted Computing Group’s TNC has been proven. It works with third party switches from Cisco, HP, Nortel and others to avoid forklift upgrades of your current networking equipment. Furthermore, it is delivered as an external appliance or embedded into Enterasys Matrix N-Series Switches. On a Technical Note: Pre-connect security posture assessment capabilities are available (agent or agent-less) while authentication is performed via 802.1x, web portal or MAC address. Post-connect continuous threat analysis and containment is provided through intelligent integration with Dragon IDS/IPS and the Dragon Security Command Console network behavioral analysis (NBA) and security information management (SIM) solution to deliver dynamic intrusion response, automated enforcement of acceptable use policy, and proactive protection against zero-day threats.

Finally, bringing back the Gartner Report and the question: Is Cisco still guilty of providing no input into support for non-Cisco environments?

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