He's out to reform the LOL liars

It's a simple enough proposition: When someone reports that they were laughing out loud, they sure as shootin' should have been laughing out loud.

Masai Andrews, a New York college student/underground rapper/paper clip salesman/self-professed stalker certainly believes as much and he is quickly gathering followers for his long-overdue crusade "to abolish the ever-present lie that is LOL."

His advocacy Web site, NoMoreLOL.com, launched only yesterday yet has already attracted more than 9,000 visitors and created an instant groundswell of discussion. (Make that 41,000 at lunchtime Wednesday.)

Andrews writes on NoMoreLOL:

"Over the past decade it has become increasingly obvious that countless Web users are misrepresenting themselves by typing LOL (or "lolling" as it has come to be called) when they are NOT actually laughing out loud."

A pie chart on the site demonstrates the extent of the problem, as experts believe that up 95% of online LOLs are not, in fact, preceded by audible laughter. Andrews is convinced that we can do better as a society, writing:

"NoMoreLOL.com is calling upon conscientious chatters, bloggers, texters and instant messengers to help us spread our message."

Not content to merely complain, Andrews also offers an alternative to the LOL lie: LOI, or "laughing on the inside." Less alliterative, sure, but more honest.

This morning I caught up with Andrews via e-mail:

Who are you and what do you do in real life?

I'm a student at SUNY Albany.  I work at Staples selling paper clips. I am an underground rapper with about 50 fans.

What possessed you to try to rid the world of bogus LOLs?

Once I was instant messaging a girl in the library on campus and she didn't know that I had followed her there.  She thought I was at home chatting with her via AIM but I had been stalking her for about a month.  Anyway I tell her that I had recently gone through her trash cans looking for strands of hair to be used for completing a shrine I had been working on and her response was "LOL."

I glanced over and noticed that she wasn't actually laughing.  She had deceived me for the last time!

What's the reaction been?

The reaction has been positive considering the site has been up for 8 hours. LOI.

After you've eradicated LOL abuse, what will you do for an encore?

My next target would be to cure Polio. DONE!

Seriously, I don't know what happened.  I just threw that site up before I went to bed last night and this morning had a bunch of hits.  I hope this isn't my "15 minutes" because I slept through most of it.

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