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Jeff Kaplan
Jeff Kaplan of THINKstrategies joins me this week to dive into the rapidly growing world of Software as a Service (SaaS). We examine how SaaS and On Demand software change the dynamics of the software market and how IT's role is changing.

Jeff and I throw around some industry terms pretty fast and loose so if you aren't familiar with SaaS and On Demand here is a definition Jeff provided.

SaaS is an arrangement in which a software vendor delivers their application via a network and charges for the use of the software for a subscription fee. The SaaS solution is designed to operate on a one-to-many basis that may utilize a multi-tenant architecture and agile development techniques to achieve economies of scale and offer continuous enhancements to meet customers’ evolving needs.

SaaS is an example of on-demand solutions which permit users to immediately access and utilize personal or professional services. These also include ecommerce, online entertainment and managed services.

Unlike Google, Microsoft can't dive right in and proclaim SaaS is what it's all about. Microsoft must protect it's embedded base of installed software while delicately making the transition to offering On Demand software and services. Preserving the channel is also a huge challenge as well.

Jeff brings some fascinating insights into how this all plays out while at the same time On Demand and SaaS buyers in the business units of our companies are propelling SaaS forward every day.

If you are interested in finding out more, Jeff has some resources on his site you might find helpful, including SaaS Showplace , Managed Services Showplace and Jeff's blog ThinkITservices.com.

Credits: Voice over by Jessica Freemann, music by Michael Reese

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