DEMO 08: John Oates, the singer, the teacher … the mustache with superpowers?

I'm sitting here at DEMO 2008, a hardcore technology conference, listening to a nostalgic on-stage performance by John Oates, he of Hall & Oates fame, who's here pitching for a new learn-to-play-from-the-pros service called iVideosongs. (Oates beats last year's awkward celebrity cameo by Barry Bonds.)

IVideosongs seems like a fun learning tool for those of you who have musical abilities.

And you remember which one is Oates, right? The shorter fellow with the mustache.

Well, I've got shocking news about that mustache - perhaps one of the most famous celebrity mustaches of 1970s-80s popular culture: She's gone ... gone, I tell you ... and fans of the singer - and the stache - had better learn how to face it.

That's not the shocking part.

I refer to John Oates' Mustache in mangled musical lyrics and as though it's a sentient being instead of a long-gone lip adornment for a good reason: Seems John Oates does this himself ... not here on the DEMO stage, mind you, but in a recent newspaper interview.

"My mustache has superpowers," Oates tells the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

Superpowers, yes. Yet even that's not the shocking part.

The shocking news is that John Oates' Mustache, though shorn from the face of John Oates some time ago, may live on in more than pictures and old video. Oates tells the newspaper that he is developing a cartoon in which the protagonist will be a super-heroic mustache - his former one, of course - which we presume has been saved in a jar or something.

Can't say whether the mustache thing is serious or not (the reporter says yes) but Rolling Stone and the American Mustache Institute have made note. And while this MySpacer doesn't appear to be involved in the project, he should be.

Yes, indeed, this could be the biggest thing in cartoon mustaches since Snidely Whiplash.

(Update: So I'm walking through a hotel corridor after the conference and who should come strolling toward me but John Oates and his missing mustache. I was tempted to grab him and ask a few questions about the cartoon project, but didn't have the energy ... or heart. BTW, he's not only short, he's really, really short. Had no idea.)

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