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Not everyone is in the geographical vicinity to attend my seminars and talks... so we decided to video one and stick it on the web. Before you start scouring YouTube, [url=http://www.cco.com/ocs2007.htm]here it is[/url].

I presented with Rand Morimoto and we cover the following topics:

*   what’s included in OCS/2007, and how organizations are using it to solve business needs

*   how OCS/2007 instant messaging can be using within an organization for communications

*   how OCS/2007 instant messaging can link into Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger, and MSN Messenger from a centralized gateway

*   how OCS/2007 instant messaging can be logged and audited to address regulation and compliance requirements of managed communications

*   where the integrated OCS/2007 Live Meeting function can be setup within an organization on a server within IT so organizations can minimize their use of external services like WebEx and the like

*   where OCS/2007 Voice-over-IP can be used to replace PBX phone systems or better integrate as a VoIP client into Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Office, and the like

*   how the Office Communicator 2007 client can replace several applications (ie: NetMeeting, MSN Messenger, Cisco/Skype VoIP client, etc) into a single client application

*   what’s involved in migrating from LCS/2005 to OCS/2007 for orgs already using LCS/2005

*   how OCS/2007 can provide mobile IM communications to Windows Mobile device clients

Direct link to the videos here:

Video #1 (2--min): What is OCS/2007

Video #2 (51-min): Instant Messaging, Web Conferencing, Archiving

Video #1 (1-hour): OCS 2007 Mobility, Voice over IP Telephony, Architecting and Designing OCS, and Migrating from LCS/2005 to OCS/2007

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