What I love about Cisco and why, today Cisco Telepresence

Just for Valentine's Day over the next two weeks I will post stories with the beginning title, What I love about Cisco and why.

What do I love about Cisco and why? Today it would have to be Cisco Telepresence; this was one product that really came to the top due to the Cisco marketing machine. Now I have seen its competition from Polycom the RPX and to be honest I really liked the Polycom unit more. The Cisco Telepresence reminded me of the Polycom TPX more than anything. But you have to give credit where credit is due; Polycom could have been the big gorilla on the block a long time ago when they had first purchased the RPX in an acquisition.

Whoever was running the Polycom marketing department during that time, well I hope they are not still there. Whoever is there now might want to start a marketing campaign to promote the product. But Cisco is a pro at putting a spin on any product and bringing it to the masses, that is why we love them so much. If they could start looking at the bigger picture with Telepresence they would do much better. By that I mean a lower price, a price that would enable small and medium businesses to purchase a unit. Some people won't like that idea, but sometimes you need to bring it to the masses and not just the enterprise customers. Cisco has a real winner here thanks to its marketing department.

Cisco Telepresence                                                                                           


Polycom RealPresence RPX

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