First To Be PWN'd: Vista, Mac OS X or Linux?

What a GREAT idea! The CanSecWest Vancouver 2008 conference is holding a competition at next month's conference to set loose ethical hackers on Windows Vista, Mac Leopard OS X and Linux. The contest is to see which machined can be "owned" the fastest. Did I say I love this idea? Yea, baby -- bring it on.

What a great way to put your money, and your operating system bravado, where your mouth is. Through this competition we'll really find out which operating system truly can be hacked in the shortest period of time. Frankly, I'd put a whole lot more trust into the results of this type of a competition than all the marketing spin, operating system zealotry, and blogosphere bluster all of us put out about which is the most secure operating system.

Dr Evil Apple

Last year's competition at this conference netted in a PWN'd MacBook, flying in the face of Apple's baloney marketing that the Mac was so secure. The vulnerability used to exploit the MacBook turned out to be an Apple QuickTime media player problem which affected Windows IE browser and the Safari browser on the Mac.

Let me caution everyone, though. This contest won't resolve anything. This contest result is only one data point. And, no matter who the winner is (or loser depending on how you choose to look at it), defenders of their respective OS will still rebuke the results and claims made by others. The competition rules and process will be debated. Skills sets, or lack of them, of the hacker participants will be blamed and deemed not worthy.

I hope what this really does is begin a series of similar competitions between OSs. Over the period of several competitions we'll begin to see which OSs emerge more favorably than others.

So now, it's your turn. Cast your vote and make your case why your favorite OS will come out on top, leaving the others down for the count.

Lets hear from you. Make your views known. Comment here.

Who will get owned first - Windows Vista? Mac Leopard OS X? Linux?

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