A solution to the braindump problem - Part I

Brain dumps aren't what they used to be. Over the past decade, the distribution of braindumps has grown into a multi-million dollar illicit business that has single-handedly ruined I.T. certifications. The groups responsible are apparently unstoppable and they know it. We all watched Microsoft file suit against Certification Trendz and we also saw them fumble the ball when they only brought a handful of the websites owned by Certification Trendz to the court room.

Since then, Taylor and I have had an ongoing conversation (online and off) that we need your input on. The question that has seemingly bewildered Certification Vendors since the beginning of the braindump problem is How do we rid the internet of braindumps?

Since this conversation has been around a while, we've had plenty of comments, suggestions, and even related questions that other I.T. professionals have contributed. Below is a list of some possibilities that have been contemplated. Could any of these possibilities be the ultimate solution to our problem?

  • (Truly) Proctored Exams (Thomson-Prometric / Pearson-VUE proctors don't count)
  • More expensive Exams (i.e. $500ea. versus $125ea.)
  • An adaptive learning system
  • A larger question pool for each exam

Any combination of the listed items may be a partial solution and more importantly they may only be a temporary solution. But is it a temporary solution we're looking for? Our votes go to "No", but maybe you have a different view.

There are pros and cons to everything, but do the cons outweigh the pros? Proctors can be paid off; increased exam costs can be met; there are too many downsides to adaptive learning to justify implementing; and more questions just gives the braindumpers more content to dump. So what is the answer we're looking for? Would it be possible for us to look past the temporary solutions and develop a solution that is going to make a bigger difference?

As I.T. professionals, each of you have unique ideas that are individual to your personal experiences. We know that someone out there (maybe you) has an opinion of what should be done and even a possible solution to the ongoing problem; and we want to hear your theories, thoughts and solutions.

Keep an eye out for Part II of "A solution to the braindump problem" in the coming weeks where we will introduce and talk about other possibilities. 

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