Cisco spills the beans on how your visits to leads to sales calls

How often do you view a white paper on a vendor's site and a few days later get a call from a sales rep from that company? It's not out of the ordinary to expect that, particularly if you had to

register with your contact details before you could read the paper. But what if you thought you were accessing the paper or the sniffing around as an anonymous reader, Cisco is still able to track your geographic location, companies, past site views and search terms.

Web tracking is nothing new, but Cisco marketing says it is aiming to get better at using that info to pass leads onto their counterparts in sales. Michael A. Stelzner, who writes the Writing White Papers blog came across this story in Target Marketing which quotes several Cisco marketing execs who detail how your travels around ultimately lead to  sales call from your neighborhood Cisco sales rep. Fascinating reading ...

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