Nortel taunts Cisco: Nexus taint no Lexus

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Tony Rybczynski
Tony Rybczynski - Director of Strategic Enterprise Technologies for Nortel, is the author of an interesting enterprise opportunity blog hosted by The Hyperconnected Enterprise Blog In his most recent blog entry, Tony suggests reading the fine print of the Cisco Nexus 7000.

Tony's sampling of the fine print:

High quality right? The Nexus is a new technology for the core data center, with new hardware and a new unproven OS (they call it release 4.0, but this isn’t very convincing).
At 15 Tb/s capacity, isn’t Nexus all about performance? Look again. One slot has a max I/O of 230 Gb/s and with 10 slots per shelf, my math says 2.3 Tbps is the real capacity. And it’s an energy hog in spite of Cisco’s claims to the contrary (based on what?): our high-end switches have 185-320% greater energy efficiency on a per port basis.
Ok, so is it ultra-reliable for data center applications? Wrong again. It takes the Nexus 7000 4-5 seconds to recover from network failures (it doesn’t even support the much touted VSS capability). And because it has no intelligent services virtualization and limited module options, building real data centers has just got more complicated.
So if the Nexus is no Lexus, with questionable quality, performance and reliability, then what exactly is it? It’s touted as a unifying data center platform but doesn’t even support Fibre Channel. Or does it mark the beginning of the end for the Catalyst 6500?

View Part 2 of Tony's blog entry. Do YOU concur with Tony's summation of the Cisco Nexus 7000 fine print, that the Nexus is no Lexus?

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