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I came across the coolest site yesterday. Someone in my Twitter feed mentioned as a place to checkout the latest happenings with the tragic shootings at NIU. is a site of satellite news feeds from stations around the country, all aggregated on one web page. Denver, Cleveland, Chicago, LA, CSPAN, NASA TV -- there's currently over 50 video streams. Each stream has a thumbnail that gets updated every 1 to 5 minutes. Click on any feed and you can watch and listen to that station's feed in the video player on the center of the page, or double-click it to pop the video stream into a separate player window. That's interesting, but here's the unique part. Cub Anchor
In the upper right corner of the site is a anchor who is watching the site right along with you. So far I've seen Sarah, Adam and Amy covering the desk. What's unique is they are not on behind some sound stage news desk reading scripted news reports. They are sitting in their work cubicles, looking at the site with you at their computer, talking about what's going on while giving you updates on various stream content. Rather than news anchors, I guess you'd call them Live News Cube Anchors. :)

The Cube Anchors scan the video streams telling listeners what's happening and interesting on various streams. They also Twitter so if you are watching Twitter and see something interesting you can jump on the site to watch it. They'll also monitor incoming emails, responding to questions, asking for suggestions, etc. Want to watch the traffic in Denver before heading to work? Check out the Denver 1 stream while the anchor talks about the latest on the NIU campus shootings. The Cube Anchors are what makes the site unique and special. It's much more personal and feels like the Cube Anchor is just talking to you.

Currently in beta, the site was originated out of a Fox station in Chicaco and covers over 50 news streams from Fox, NBC, CSPAN and NASA TV. Right now the station is pretty FOX News centric (which I like FOX News anyway) and they're expanding with more streams from various broadcasters. The site was launched on Super Tuesday, and has been live for 10 days.

Bottom line, is a TV news mashup site.

This is a really innovative idea and I credit all of the team working on this for exploring the idea, trying something new and giving it a go. I'm a bit of a news junkie (you could probably have guessed that by how much tech and industry stuff I read and blog about) and is a great idea for someone like me who likes following what's happening.

To everyone in front of and behind the scenes at -- keep up the great work, creativity and innovation. I love this site and they work you are doing. It's going to be a smashing success!

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