Mitnick's curious bio

Wiley Publishing sent us a copy of Kevin Mitnick's new book, "The Art of Intrusion".

Co-authored by William L. Simon, the book promises to outline "The real stories behind the exploits of hackers, intruders and deceivers" - i.e., Mitnick the former.

Anyway, we turn to the back flap to check out Mitnick's bio, which reads thusly:

Kevin D. Mitnick is a celebrated former hacker who's "gone straight" and now devotes his considerable skills to helping corporations, organizations and government agencies protect themselves from the kinds of attacks described in this book and his previous bestseller, "The Art of Deception."

Now Mitnick did five years in the pokey for his misdeeds and we would guess he is now a fine, upstanding citizen. Why, then, would you put "gone straight" in quotes? To people of our ilk that's like, "Hey, I'm not hacking any more! (*wink*)" or having your fingers crossed behind your back. Mitnick, fix that back flap, man. It's not helping.

We'll provide a book report when we're done, but the book looks interesting. Freakishly, we opened it at random to page 109 where there's discussion of our favoritely-named former hacker, Adrian Lamo, and a Network World mention.


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