Programmer fired for eating pizza

A Colorado computer programmer who was canned for eating leftover pizza has won a cruise for enduring the most outrageous firing.

As we told you last month, the site Simply Hired wanted to reward the worker bee who was fired for the most embarrassing or silliest reason. The tale of 39-year-old Jim Garrison bested more than 1,000 entries. Garrison said he was fired for eating two pieces of leftover pizza from another department's company meeting, figuring it was up for grabs.

Writes the Chicago Sun-Times: "What he didn't know is that several other employees had already worked out a plan to take the leftover pizza home. When they discovered one-third of the leftover pizza had been eaten, the employees reported Garrison to management, leading to his firing last November."

We're thinking Garrison, who wouldn't ID his former employer, is better off not working for such an outfit.

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