Ding! You've been laid off

Good news and bad news for 400 Radio Shack employees.

The bad news? You've been laid off.

The good news? You no longer have to admit you work at Radio Shack.

Radio Shack set a new corporate low by laying off the 400 via e-mail. Wow, Radio Shack management practices are just as poor as their customer service and their sales associates' technical knowledge!

Company officials defended the move by noting they told employees ahead of time that the layoffs would come via their inbox.

Here's the most amazing part of the story: "Laid-off workers got one to three weeks pay for each year of service, up to 16 weeks for hourly employees and 36 weeks for those with base pay of at least $90,000, the company said," writes USA Today.

Somebody at Radio Shack makes $90,000?

Via USA Today

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