Hypothetical death match: E-mail vs. the Web

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From Phil Daley: "I use email to communicate with my friends, especially the remote ones.  I used to use telephone calls (rarely) and snail mail (rarely). I use the Web to find answers to questions, read the weather, read recent news reports, buy tickets  -- things I could live without. I think e-mail is more important."

From Stewart Deck: "The Web has become intertwined into so much that I do and so much that I want to know and learn about that without it I might as well move to a grass hut in Irkutsk. The Web brings me closer to words, thoughts and ideas far beyond my geographical boundaries. I use it for information, education, insight, entertainment, EVERYTHING. … I certainly enjoy the convenience of e-mail but I think I could put together work-arounds that would hold up reasonably well in its absence."

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