'Gates for President' bandwagon watch: Day 2

Undeterred by a Slashdotalanche that smothered their Web server for awhile yesterday or the mocking catcalls from here and other outposts, the mysterious forces behind "Bill Gates for President" appear in a jolly mood on Day 2 of their public pleadings that the world's richest man also become its most powerful one.

"We’ve had a rough (but great!) day here at Bill Gates for President dot net. After being featured on Scott Adams’ The Dilbert Blog, our url traveled the Web at high speed, quickly ending up on Slashdot, and quite a few other websites, blogs and discussion boards … The high amount of traffic less than two days after the official launch of this Web page was a bit too much for us to handle for about an hour, but after moving to a new web server (Yes, we’re still on a Linux machine!), we were able to recover within a decent time frame. We would like to thank everyone for the attention this website has received, and apologize for the short downtime!"

It was Adams who gave this whimsy flight with his enthusiast posts about both Gates as presidential timber and the Web site looking to make it a reality. However, in The Dilbert Blog discussion area yesterday, Adams -- or someone purporting to be Adams -- did take the time to disavow personal involvement in the Gates for Prez site.

Meanwhile, we still don't know who is actually behind the GFP site -- just a guy named Bert and his even more clandestine chums.

Is it time to start talking about running mates?

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