The Domain Re-registration Scam

I just got a telephone call from Domain Registry Support to tell me that a domain name I own is about to expire and that they'd re-register it for me. The rep was barely audible, barely intelligible, and woefully under-trained. What this outfit is trying to do is the same kind of scam that The Domain Registry of America has been pulling for some time -- using an official sounding business name and trying to get to reregister a domain through them for an exorbitant price which also means that if you are foolish enough to do this they wind up being your registrar. What Domain Registry Support and The Domain Registry of America are doing isn't, as far as I know, illegal but it is manipulative and unethical. They certainly aren't accredited by ICANN and the fact that what they are doing is not kosher can be figured out from how they do it: For example, Domain Registry Support has a very unsophisticated Web site with no contact details other than a toll-free number and no really solid business information. In short, they look like what they are -- shady. Moreover in common with The Domain Registry of America they charge outrageously for their services: $35 for a one year renewal (DRoA charges the fractionally less outrageous fee of $30 per annum) which is by any measure information highway robbery! My registrar, EasyCGI, charges $10 and they aren't even the cheapest (but their service is outstanding). From doing a little research on-line I see the Domain Registry Support are also into bulk faxing to their marks which has annoyed more than a few people. These companies should be stopped but how is a huge problem. If they don't operate from the US enforcement will be nightmarish. Perhaps registrars and ICANN should expend more effort to educate domain owners but sadly at the end of the day it will all come down to buyer beware. Below is all I can determine about Domain Registry Support and The Domain Registry of America. If you know anything about the people behind these scams, let me know.

Domain Registry Support Whois Data M. Sussman ( +506.8766550 Fax: +1.0000000 Suite 11521 Apartado 0832-1236 Panama Centro, WORLD TRADE CENTER 1236 PA
The Domain Registry of America Whois Data Domain Registry Group Inc Domain Registrar ( +1.8664340212 Fax: +1.866434021 2316 Delaware Ave #266 Bufallo, NY 14216-2687
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