Wikipedia official covers her backside

"If we do not find additional funding, it is not impossible that Wikipedia might disappear."

Please, whether we're speaking in French, English, Swahili or Sanscrit: What part of that sentence do you believe could possibly be misconstrued?

Right, not a word. Yet Florence Devouard, chairwoman of the Wikimedia Foundation, is apparently complaining that her utterance of that sentence at a recent conference is being misconstrued, according to this report.

"There are indeed only about a million dollars (760,000 euros) in the bank, but compared to previous years that is almost comfortable. It is enough for three or four months - nothing to panic about," she said.

As one of those responsible for the "rumors circulating on the Web," here's all I have to say to Ms. Devouard: Look, lady, you shot your mouth off and said something you now regret. At least have the common decency to apologize and correct the record instead of trying to blame those who heard your plainspoken words and reported them as such.

Either that or give up the wiki thing and get yourself into politics where that kind of double-talk is considered a job qualification.

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