Cisco's embarrassing (and possibly degrading) ad for TelePresence has unearthed a cringe-worthy video on YouTube that's apparently from Cisco touting its TelePresence gear (we believe it is genuine; who could afford to buy the TelePresence gear just to make a skit?). The video shows two guys - one is Indian - viewing a series of ladies being paraded via TelePresence before the young Indian gent as a prospective bride.

This from Conferencingnews: "Cisco is no doubt trying to convey the real-life intimacy capabilities of its videoconferencing system in the most of human of 'transactions' - marriage. We find this advertising to be a bit dicey in terms of the way the video reduces and trivializes Indian marital culture, right down to 'looks-only' non-verbal judgement and the cutesiness in the video of the symbolic dowry exchange via telepresence." It adds: "Even more lame is the script and the acting, from the two buddy actors who we'd guess are Cisco employees."

UPDATE: The video is no longer available - who pulled the plug??

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