UNEDA President: Cisco Gray market is NOT the new Cisco Black market

Mike Sheldon, President - UNEDA
Mike Sheldon, president of the board of directors of the United Network Equipment Dealer Association (UNEDA), is striving to establish best business practices in addition to facilitating cooperative sales and marketing efforts for the association's approximately 300 members. “UNEDA is committed to the resale of only legitimate Cisco equipment,” says Sheldon. “We know all too often that Cisco tries to paint our industry with the same brush as black marketers and counterfeiters." "Instead of using the counterfeit 'threat' to inject fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of enterprise customers, Cisco instead should join forces with UNEDA to help us stop the proliferation of counterfeit Cisco goods and prosecute anyone found reselling such equipment.” UNEDA members agree to a code of ethics that includes implementing processes to ensure that counterfeit and stolen Cisco equipment does not enter their inventories. Members take an active role in policing the industry, and dealers found to be in violation of UNEDA’s ethical guidelines are immediately expelled from the organization. Most reputable sellers of Cisco pre-owned equipment have more stringent practices in place to detect black market or counterfeit Cisco goods than Cisco Systems itself, its registered partners and authorized distributors. Product packaging is not a reliable way to judge Cisco authenticity, which is why the best secondary Cisco marketers conduct extensive tests on all resold Cisco equipment to prove legitimacy. In addition to setting high standards, top providers are working closely with law enforcement to eradicate the counterfeit Cisco equipment problem. Sheldon is also the president and CEO of Network Hardware Resale (www.networkhardware.com), the largest provider of secondary Cisco network equipment gear with more than $138 million in annual revenue.

Network Hardware Resale

“Every piece of Cisco equipment taken into NHR’s Cisco inventory undergoes comprehensive inspection and testing and is guaranteed to be authentic and function like new,” says Sheldon. “We back our promise by including a standard, one-year, overnight replacement warranty on all Cisco equipment at no additional cost.” So isn’t it time to set the record straight, that the Cisco Gray market is NOT the new Cisco Black market?

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