Cisco cries foul over being missed out in a Web honors list

Cisco's busy blogger John Earnhardt, whose day job is senior manager of global media operations at Cisco, is hopping mad that no one at the IP giant got a nod in PC World's 50 Most Important People on the Web package.

"Yes, this is Sour Grapes 101," Earnhardt writes, "I would argue that it is Cisco gear that is enabling all of this interaction and social media to take place."

Quoting the sub-head of the Fake Steve Jobs blog "Dude, I invented the frigging iPod. Have you heard of it?", he mused that the sub-head of his blog should be: "We invented the friggin network router. Have you heard of it?"

His parting shot: "So, all due respect to Perez Hilton and the other distinguished 'most important' ladies and gentleman on the web on this list, but to suggest that he or they are more important than any engineer (or executive or employee) at Cisco is missing the mark."

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