eBay 'Chisco' stores are selling fake Cisco products originating in China

There is growing concern among eBay customers regarding fake Cisco equipment.

Anyone who has taken a stroll down Manhattan's Canal Street lately has no doubt become aware of the thriving market for fake Rolexes, Luis Vuitton hand bags and the like. This phenomenon has recently infiltrated the network hardware market. These fakes, often referred to in the industry as, "Chisco" (fake Cisco products originating in China), are popping up more and more. Cisco Systems is the largest provider of networking equipment in the world, and accounts for some 80% of all used networking equipment sales worldwide. This enormous popularity has made Cisco the obvious target for fake product reproduction. For example, eBay 'Chisco' store Sincere Networking (shipping from China), offers a new sealed Cisco module VWIC-2MFT-G703 for a "Buy-It Now" price of $105.00. That exact same Cisco Part Number VWIC-2MFT-G703 has a Cisco Authorized Refurbished (i.e. Cisco factory refurbed and SMARTnet eligible) list price of $2,192.00 with 49 refurbed units currently available from Cisco Systems own inventory.

Joshua Levitt, E-Commerce Sales and Marketing Manager - UsedCisco.com

Joshua Levitt, E-Commerce Sales and Marketing Manager for UsedCisco.com, offers advice to protect yourself and your enterprise from 'Chisco' fraud. "When shopping for used Cisco equipment, be wary of suppliers from China. Historically, most of these fakes have originated somewhere in China. So be careful when dealing with a Chinese supplier." "Try to deal with a reputable supplier and develop a relationship. It helps to look for quality business certifications such as 'ISO 9001' and others when choosing a reseller."

"When using online auctions like eBay, feedback is king! Make sure you deal exclusively with resellers who have significant positive feedback from multiple people. Take a quick peek at the actual responses and confirm that they in-fact come from unique sources and not all the same person." "People have been known online, to buy large inexpensive quantities from one another to essentially stuff the ballot box and artificially flood the others feedback score."

Shane Breen, Director of Sales & Marketing, DORETEL Communications

Shane Breen, Director of Sales & Marketing, DORETEL Communications, is shocked that there are hundreds of *obviously* fake counterfeit Cisco routers and switches being sold directly from China on eBay 'Chisco' stores by companies that have hundreds of feedback reports. For example, eBay 'Chisco' store etnetworking had this buyer feedback: "Bad serial number per cisco. 'Bootleg product' ask for more $ after end of auction." eBay 'Chisco' store etnetworking is offering a new Cisco NM-2FE2W-V2 at the "Buy-it Now" price of $500.00 That exact same Cisco Part Number lists new from Cisco Systems at $2,300.00 Obvious question, why has Cisco Systems not shuttered these eBay 'Chisco' stores selling blatant fakes shipped from China? Have you experienced 'Chisco' fakes in the Cisco marketplace?

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