Sinbad: Wikipedia’s worst bad yet

This time Wikipedia has gone too far. As you've no doubt read by now, the encyclopedia that any moron can edit managed to send Sinbad to an early grave - as in pronouncing him dead while he is still very much alive.

While this particular wiki-vandalism may be garden-variety, the damage - raising Sinbad's profile from C-list "celebrity" to apparent if (one must hope) temporary genuine fame - is downright inexcusable. I mean just look at how he is being described in news reports:

Actor-comedian Sinbad ... renowned comedian, Sinbad ... the 50-year-old actor and comedian whose real name is David Adkins ... American comedian SINBAD (a Canadian outlet rubs it in) ... and perhaps most appallingly of all, Sinbad has joined the ranks of Mark Twain, a theme repeated ad nauseum throughout the hundreds upon hundreds of accounts.

Despite the fact that Sinbad has been doing whatever it is he does for several decades now, this - thanks to a thoughtless Wiki-vandal - may be the man's real 15 minutes of fame.

Jail time for the vandal is all I have left to say about Sinbad.

By the way, the premature publishing of obituaries - whether by accident or mischievously - is a time-honored tradition in America, one in which I have played a small role.

Anyone out there holding a copy of the 1980 Northeastern University yearbook - The Cauldron, which I edited - will notice a news item, which I wrote, reporting the death of Karen Ann Quinlin (the Terri Schiavo of that era). Quinlin was removed from life support in 1976.

One problem with what I wrote and I'll let Wikipedia explain: "Although Quinlan was removed from active life support in 1976, she lived on in a coma for almost a decade until her death from pneumonia in 1985."

Oops, my sinbad.

(Update: Say what you will about Wikipedia, but they’ve got just about everything covered, including this list of premature obituaries – and, yes, it’s been updated to include Sinbad.)

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