The Top 25 inventions of 2007

Ever wonder where the next great idea will com from? Well, seems likely it could come from this group: The History Channel  and Invent Now,  a subsidiary of the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation, today named the Top 25 Inventions of 2007.  The Modern Marvel’s Invent Now Challenge, which is named in part for  The History Channel's Modern Marvel series  is using a panel of famed inventors, technologists and industry experts to determine the top 25 inventions submitted from nearly 2,500 of the nation's most innovative independent inventors. The  Modern Marvel winner will be announced in May and receive a $25,000 cash prize. These top 25 creators come from 17 states across the U.S. and their inventions cover a myriad categories, ranging from medical advancements such as a modular, information technology platform for motorized wheelchairs  called the Gryphon Shield to environmental breakthroughs such as a green home powered by solar and geothermal energy. Other inventions include a shield designed to protect windows during hurricanes to a method that forces diesel engines to take in and re-use their own exhaust, reducing pollution.This is the second annual awards presentation.  The winner of the Modern Marvel of 2006 was David R. Ward's Strawjet, a breakthrough process in creating building material from straw, providing low-cost panels from an existing and untapped resource that will not only establish a new form of shelter but also preserve the environment, according to 1  Modern Marvel statement. The Top 25 (in alphabetical order):  1. Owen Ralph Baser, Retired Building Contractor/Inventor, Sacramento, CABaser Door Handle: The Baser Door Handle is a low profile door handle allowing a door to be opened with just one's fingertips, with no need to grab or twist the handle. 2. Kim W. Bertron, Consultant, Tallahassee, FL,   Co-Inventors: Andy Bertron, Brian J. Boothe, John Wiley HortonSimpleShot: The SimpleShot is a medical device capable of mixing a drug in powder-form and a diluting solution in a single syringe. 3.  Pierre Bierre, Computer Scientist and Smart Product Inventor, Pleasanton, CABuildExact: BuildExact is a system that allows for the precise positioning of building materials guided by CAD software and lasers. 4. Shane Chen, Inventor, Camas, WAAquaSkipper: The AquaSkipper is a user-controlled and user-powered flapping-wing device that allows the rider to fly above the water. 5. Raymond Covit, Mechanic and Auto Shop Management, Los Angeles, CADiesel Exhaust Purification System: The Diesel Exhaust Purification System forces diesel engines to re-breathe their own exhaust, reducing the amount of pollution they create. 6. Dan Didrick, Inventor, Naples, FLX-Finger: The X-Finger is a functional artificial finger designed for finger amputees that enables patients to perform tasks such as typing, working and playing a musical instrument.  7. Xiangfeng Duan, Principal Scientist, Mountain View, CA.  Co-Inventors: Chunming Niu and Stephen EmpedoclesNanowire Thin-Film Transistor: The Nanowire Thin-Film Transistor consists of nanotechnology enabled high-performance, low-cost flexible electronics that can be used for flexible display, electronic paper, smart clothing or radio frequency identification (RFID, smart labels). 8. Christopher Marshall Goggin, Inventor and Engineer, Wilmington, NCGSPS: GSPS is a radio wave-powered switch that allows one to control electrical devices. 9. Cameron Gunn, Mechanical Engineer, Miami, FLImpactShield(TM): The ImpactShield(TM) is a high-strength fabric that stretches over a window to provide a protective shield in hurricanes. 10. James S. Hacsi, Postal Clerk, Pueblo, CODC-AC Soft-Switching Inverter: The DC-AC Soft-Switching Inverter is an electronic circuit that changes direct current into alternating current. 11. Rod Herdman, Inventor and Founder, EZ Change Lock Co. LLC, West Chester, OHEZ Change Lock(TM): The EZ Change Lock(TM) is a new lock technology that permits keys to be changed simply by pushing a button. 12.  Robert J. Hess, Patent Attorney, Stamford, CT.  Co-Inventor: Scott SullivanMachine Readable Code (MRC) Deployment on Medication: Machine Readable Code (MRC). Deployment on Medication provides a method for applying machine readable codes to medications for use in tracking and authenticating drugs. 13. John R. Hillman, Structural Engineer, Wilmette, ILHybrid-Composite Beam: The Hybrid-Composite Beam is a new structural beam for use in the construction of highway and railway bridges. 14. Christine Ingemi, President, Ingemi Corp., Amherst, NHiHearSafe Earbuds: iHearSafe Earbuds are ear buds that limit the volume of audio devices to prevent noise-induced hearing loss. 15. David W. Jenson, Professor, Mapleton, UTContinuous Fabrication of Complex Composite IsoTruss  Structures: The Continuous Fabrication of Complex Composite IsoTruss Structures is an automated process for continuously manufacturing composite grid structures. 16.  Orrin Klitzner, Retired Businessman and Active Inventor, Andover, NJCollapsible Power Plug: The Collapsible Power Plug is a collapsible power plug that fits into a 12v accessory receptacle. 17. David T. Krausman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, Principal Investigator and Bio-Medical Engineer, Baltimore, MD. Co-Inventor: Richard P. Allen, Ph.D. DeSat Counter: The DeSat Counter is a miniature, portable medical instrument that detects sleep apnea by measuring the oxygen level present in the blood. 18.  Jesse Leaman, Astronomer, Berkeley, CAGryphon Shield: The Gryphon Shield is a modular, upgradeable information technology platform for motorized wheelchairs. 19. Dennis McNeely, Entrepreneur, Gibraltar, MIOffsprings(TM): Offsprings(TM) is an automobile suspension system designed to improve safety, increase fuel economy and provide better ride and handling for cars and trucks. 20. Anthony J. Newbill, Ornamental Iron Artist and Inventor, Wickenburg, AZTire-Lift: The Tire-Lift is a tire carrier that mechanically raises and lowers a carrier rack that mounts a spare tire, making the changing of a heavy truck tire much easier. 21.  Greg Owoc, Small Business Owner, Greenville, SCMegaflex-121: The Megafles-121 is a two-jointed ratchet that can auto-lock into 121 different positions by pressing one button. 22. Roy Pellegrin, Inventor, Wailuku, Maui, HIAqueous-Froth Air (AFA) Filter: The Aqueous-Froth Air (AFA) Filter is an air filter that cleans contaminated air, trapping particles and gases in bubbles and then cooling the bubbles to form water droplets that wash out the contaminants. 23. Dr. Igor Reizenson, Dentist, Atlanta, GAClearSmile: The ClearSmile is a comprehensive oral hygiene device that cleans the teeth and gums. It is intended to effectively replace a tooth brush, tooth paste, floss, mouth rinse and tooth bleaching system. 24. Michael Sykes, Builder, Wake Forest, NCEnertia(R) Building System: The Enertia Building System is designed to be a fast, economical and green system for building houses. The structural material captures, stores and distributes solar and geothermal energy without the need for fuel or electricity. 25. Dan Williams, Insurance Agent, Inventor and Entrepreneur, Maryville, TN. Co-Inventor: Helmut SiepmannStayAlive: StayAlive is a marine survival system which uses adjustable panels on a lifejacket to hold numerous water survival tools.

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