Bank of America having Web site trouble? Again?

Does it seem as though you've read this post before?

(Update, March 1, 20011: I see you folks are back again. As with the last Band of America outage, there isn't a lot know right at the moment, but what I do have is here.)

(Update, Jan. 14, 2011: We have to stop meeting like this. If you're here trying to find out what's happening to the Bank of America online operations on Jan. 14, 2011, here is where you can find what little I know.)

(Update: If you're arriving here Jan. 29, 2010, chances are you're looking for info about the latest BoA Web site outage. I don't have much yet, but what I do know can be found here.)

(Update: July 20: If you're landing on this item searching for info about the July 20 BoA outage, please leave a message about your experience below or here. ... Now back to April 4.)

Bank of America would appear to be having Web site difficulties this morning - again.

(Update, 8:15 a.m.: BoA site seems to be working now.)

(Update, 3:50 p.m.: Reader from McLean, Va., calls to report that she cannot access the BoA site. I can from Southborough, Mass. Issue regionalized? ... Still no word from BoA.)

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The first clue I saw was a steadily growing and otherwise inexplicable number of hits already today on this old Buzzblog item written back in November: "Bank of America ranks No. 1 ... in downtime."

Next there was this: Those hits were all originating from Google searches on phrases such as "bank of america site problem," "bank of america web not working," and "bank of america website not available."

No need to call the FBI to figure this one out.

My own attempts to get to the site have been a 50-50 proposition: Half the time I get nothing, half the time I get through. On one of the successes I found contact info for a public relations person and sent off a request for an explanation.

(Update, 7:25 a.m.: What was 50-50 is now 100 percent failure rate, at least from where I'm sitting.)

Here's an excerpt from that November Buzzblog item about a report from Pingdom, an uptime monitoring service based in Sweden: "The biggest is not always the best, at least not when it comes to Web site availability. Out of the sites surveyed, the Bank of America Web site was by far the worst. During September and October, their Web site was unavailable for a total of more than two days and three hours. This is almost twice as much as the First Bank Web site, the second worst, and more than 30 times as much as BB&T in tenth place."

Reaction to that November item was mixed, as you can see if you read the comments. A number of parties, including BoA, contended that singling out the company for poor performance was unwarranted. Others disagreed.

Either way, it's safe to say that BoA doesn't need more headlines of this nature ... and its customers need to do their banking.

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