Gearhead Extra for "Hybrid Telephony Products"

The following notes apply to the Gearhead column Hybrid Telephony Products.

  1. As enthusiastic as we are about the Actiontec VoSky Call Center the company's Web site and documentation are sub par. The Web site mixes content in different languages, content on the site is missing (missing manuals here and here for what are supposed to be business products and the wrong user manual here), and the VoSky Call Center documentation is sloppy (for example, it refers to the VCC as the "IPW", the name of the older product, in several places).
  2. As a quick and dirty way to integrate one or two Skype lines with a PBX the Actiontec VoSky Call Center (VCC) could be used on an incoming POTS line. The downside of this would be the requirement of having a PC permanently up to run the VCC software. Setting up the PBX to handle the specifics of the VCC such as toggling between the POTS line and the Skype line could be interesting ...
  3. Centrepoint Technologies provides a good Internet service speed test that reports on the capabilities of your connection when it comes to handling multiple simultaneous VoIP calls.
  4. The TalkSwitch 284vs is tricky to use with "softphones" which are software only SIP phone implementations. We tried a number of these but although all of the softphones could register with the TalkSwitch they couldn't make or take calls for reasons we are still researching.
  5. The softphones we used for testing were Counterpath's X-Lite, 3CX Phone, and NCH Swiftsound Express Talk.
  6. Although we only had a single unit and therefore couldn't test the ability you should be able to directly connect TalkSwitch PBXs together to create a private phone network over the Internet.

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