$250,000 to find out if someone in the meeting rolled their eyes when you spoke

Helzerman's Odd Bits blog picked up on Forrester Research's review of Cisco TelePresence in which the reviewer said it was harder to ignore the other person at the meeting beamed onto the TelePresence screen as the technology made her appear "much more persuasive". Helzerman said there have been times when the writer has been in teleconferences and tried to guess at the other party's reaction.

Helzerman writes:

Sometimes in [phone-based teleconferences] it can be hard to get your point across. Also, you miss all of the body language (did the phone-people like my idea?  did they roll there eyes? etc.)  Also - now this is something I have not seen in a long time, but it happens - sometimes the phone-people will put the call on mute and talk amongst themselves!  This should be a crime.

But at $250,000 a pop for Cisco TelePresence, it's an expensive price tag for finding out whether someone in the room rolled their eyes when you spoke.

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