Yahoo's uptime earns that exclamation point!

But first the bad news. The Yahoo Search Web site was down for an hour and a half earlier today, the first time it's been in the breakdown lane for more a minute or two since April 2006, according to Web monitoring firm Pingdom.

That's quite a remarkable reliability record, by any measure … except for the standard being assembled by Yahoo's main Web site. Not only has the main site not had a single minute of downtime this year, it has maintained an utterly spotless scorecard since Aug. 25, 2006, when it went off the rails for all of 54 seconds. For any hiccup longer than a minute, you're talking about the hour and 19 minute outage of June 7, 2006, when I presume an earthquake rocked the company's data center.

That's 266 consecutive days without giving anyone as much as a second to mutter about your site being off-line.

How's that stack up against other sites? According to a report by Pingdom, it's certainly the best among the Internet's 20 most trampled Web sites, although a number of the Top 20 have logged impressive records of their own.

AOL, for example, ranks No. 2 and has been down only three minutes this year. and are next with only four minutes apiece. has been a no-go for eight.

Mighty is no slouch, either -- 17 minutes in 2007 -- to rank No. 6.

However, that's not where the story ends for Google. Two of the company's ballyhooed acquisitions -- YouTube and Blogger -- rate dead last on this list at Numbers 19 and 20. YouTube's gone dark for 8 hours and 44 minutes so far this year, while Blogger has kept its bloggers' fingers a-twitchin' for 21 hours and 11 minutes, with the bulk of that blamed on a major technology overhaul.

Hey, at least they're not Bank of America.

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