Wireless video over 802.11g?

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The folks at Rotani have a box called AirReferee that aims to be able to improve the wireless streaming of video over 802.11g networks. The company says that it has eliminated any possible interference between any other wireless networks. I can't wait to visit them at their booth to get more details -- if this is the case it will be a big deal for consumer electronics companies looking to provide wireless video streaming for TV shows and movies around a home network. Update: I got a chance to speak with Rotani in the exhibition area and got more information from them. The AirReferee system is an OEM access point reference design that provides uninterrupted throughput to help support multiple video streams, VoIP and other applications over 802.11g. The system uses multi-radio architecture and a patented integral antenna and other "secret sauce" to help create less 802.11 noise so that the streaming video can take place. Rotani officials said that the system will also support up to 50 different wireless VPN connections, which impressed the heck out of me from a mobile worker standpoint. Expect to see a device with the Rotani technology announced in the U.S. by December (within 90 days).

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