10 free online tools for converting your PDF files


Just because you have a document file in PDF doesn’t necessarily stop you from editing it, or otherwise changing it into another kind of file. Here are 10 websites that let you convert your PDF files into other formats (and the other way around) at no cost. All you need to do is upload your PDF file, set the conversion, and download the result.



FUNCTION: Use this to make your PDFs more readable on your e-reader.

This online converter turns your PDF file into a format that will be usable on an e-reading device. It also accepts Microsoft Word documents, rtf, and txt files as the input. You can upload or enter URLs of up to five files to convert at once, which can be outputted as epub or mobi files.


NAME: Convertii

FUNCTION: Use this to convert your PDF into Excel or Word format.

This site takes your PDF file and makes it into an Excel or Word document, or a plain text file. You can also upload a scanned image of a document, and Convertii will try to recognize the text in it and then put it into one of the three aforementioned formats.

Google Drive 

NAME: Google Drive

FUNCTION: Use this to convert your PDFs into editable text, if you’re already using Google Drive.

With Google Drive, you can convert a PDF file to an editable text document: After you select a PDF file from your computer to upload, click “Convert text from PDF and image files to Google documents." Like Convertii, Google Drive can recognize text in scanned images of documents.


NAME: MergeFil.es

FUNCTION: Use this to Merge various Microsoft Office and other file formats into one PDF file.

You can upload multiple Microsoft Office documents (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) to this site, and it will combine them into one PDF file. MergeFil.es accepts HTML, image and txt files as input, too, and it can also convert the output into a single Excel, PowerPoint or Word file.



FUNCTION: Use this to combine several PDF files.

MergePDF does as its name implies: You just upload two or more PDF files to this site which will then merge them into one PDF. Unlike MergeFil.es, MergePDF doesn’t accept other file formats for input, but it’s clear-cut what it does, if all you need to deal with are PDF files.

Nitro Cloud

NAME: Nitro Cloud

Use this to Convert your PDF files to Excel, PowerPoint or Word format.

This is a paid cloud service in which you upload your PDF files to collaborate with your colleagues, and for them to digitally sign. But it also offers for free an online tool to convert your PDF file to Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, and vice versa.


NAME: OneDrive

FUNCTION: Use this to Convert your PDF files stored on OneDrive to Word format.

A PDF file can be turned into an editable Word document with Microsoft’s own cloud storage service. Upload the PDF file to your OneDrive account. Click on a checkmark in the upper-right corner of the PDF file’s tile. Then click “Open in Word Online” on the bar at the top of the page.

PDF Online

NAME: PDF Online 

FUNCTION: Use this to Convert your PDFs to Word

Like Convertii and Nitro Cloud, here’s a third free tool to try if you need to convert a PDF file to a Word document you can edit. As well for free, you can upload an Excel, PowerPoint or Word file to convert it to a PDF file. It also accepts most image file formats for input to PDF.



FUNCTION: Use this to Convert obscure document formats to PDF.

This online tool lists nearly 100 document and image formats it can convert to PDF. ToPDF accepts standard Microsoft Office documents and also obscure formats for Lotus applications and StarOffice. You can upload up to five files or enter URLs that directly links to such files.

Website to PDF

NAME:Website to PDF

FUNCTION: Use this to Convert a web page’s layout into a PDF file.

Enter a URL, and Website to PDF will take the HTML at that link and render its layout into a PDF file. (If you use Chrome or a Chromebook, you can already convert a web page you’re viewing to PDF by “printing” it: Press CTRL + “P” and then save the output as a PDF file.)