Products of the week 3.18.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Cisco, Fortinet, Sepaton

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

Product name: PathTest free iOS application for iPhone and iPad

Key features: The new free mobile PathTest application launches AppNeta's mobile product line for customers who need access to detailed performance data at any time, from any location. More info.

Product name: Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) 4.6

Pricing: Software-only pricing ranges from $5,000 for pilot systems with specific capabilities, to $100,000 depending for a base system configuration, with options and upgrades available.

Key features: The full Cisco IPICS 4.6 solution is now available as a virtualized application on Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS) platform. Public safety professionals are able to virtualize and consolidate applications using Cisco data center and virtualization solutions to save as much as 40% in network and infrastructure costs. More info.

Product name: PrintMe Mobile 2.4

Pricing: License MSRP ranges from $300/printer (or less) up to $500/printer, plus annual support and maintenance agreement (20%).

Key features: PrintMe Mobile 2.4 provides advanced capabilities for IT to manage their existing print infrastructure and enable mobile printing across  hundreds of printers regardless of brand. More info.

Product name: FortiMail-200D

Key features: The FortiMail-200D delivers the complete feature set of the FortiMail product family in a rack-mountable form factor. It inspects more than 170,000 emails per hour, and features flexible deployment options (Transparent, Gateway and Server). In addition to providing Identity Based Encryption as a standard feature, the system offers an integrated logging and reporting engine that enables visibility into messaging usage, quarantine statistics and other key management information. More info.

Product name: FortiMail-3000D

Key features: The FortiMail-3000D, designed for carriers, service providers and large enterprises, advances the protection of networks against spam, malware and other message-borne threats. It enforces secure content delivery via Identify-Based Encryption (IBE), S/MIME or TLS email encryption options and prevents accidental and intentional loss of confidential data using FortiMail predefined or customized dictionaries. It also supports transparent mode, which enables the appliance to intercept emails without changing DNS MX records or existing email server network configurations. More info.

Product name: Alteon 6420

Key features: Alteon 6420 is a network cloud platform designed to meet the challenges faced by carriers and mobile service/cloud providers. The Alteon 6420 value proposition extends to application delivery control, mobile Web/app acceleration, mobile control and data plane optimization, application performance monitoring, attack mitigation and more. More info.

Product name: S2100-ES3 series 2925

Key features: It features the performance needed to meet the most stringent backup windows, the flexibility to leverage both FC and Gb Ethernet  environments, and added security of encryption of data at rest. More info.

Story: Sepaton releases upgrades to high-end storage appliance

Product name: STORServer Hybrid Appliance (HA)

Pricing: Instant Restore STORServer Hybrid Appliance (500GB daily changes), $6,494; Small STORServer Hybrid Appliance (1TB daily changes), $13,770; Medium STORServer Hybrid Appliance (4TB daily changes), $28,544; Large STORServer Hybrid Appliance (8TB daily changes), $32,627

Key features: The Hybrid Appliance uses qualified, customer-supplied hardware to provide a fully integrated STORServer solution. It is built by taking  STORServer's software bundle and fully integrating it with customers' hardware for reliable, easy-to-use daily administration. More info.

Product name: Melio5 software

Key features: Melio5 delivers distributed scale-out, high-availability, and enterprise data services via an intelligent software-layer on commodity hardware. By enabling server-side Flash, SSD and HDD to be used as primary storage, customers can enjoy similar economics and flexibility as public cloud data centers such as Google and Facebook. More info.

Product name: Ixia Anue GTP Session Controller (GSC) 7433

Key features: The world's first GTP session controller load balances data and correlates specific subscriber sessions for mobile carrier networks, resulting in improved quality-of-experience, increased visibility, and efficient resolution of network issues. More info.

Product name: CaaS Small Center

Key features: CaaS Small Center is a cloud-based communications-as-a-service solution for small contact centers with up to 50 agents. It offers multichannel routing, IVR, reporting, quality management, speech analytics, unified communications and more. More info.

Product name: Real User Monitoring (RUM) for Native Mobile Applications

Key features: Paints a comprehensive picture of the mobile end-user experience. Features include real user monitoring, trending, reporting and alerting mechanisms. More info.

Product name: Alteryx Strategic Analytics 8.5

Pricing: Professional Edition, $45k; Personal Edition, $15k; Private Cloud Server, $210k; Analytics Gallery Membe, $1,500; Run Time License, $7,500

Key features: Alteryx 8.5 allows companies to turn social media into analytics, with an interface specifically designed for line of business data artisans. More info.

Product name: LiveHive

Pricing: Free for up to 300 items; Personal includes 400 workspaces for $8.95/month; Business Max has unlimited for $15.95/month

Key features: LiveHive allows users to create visual and social workspaces with any type of file or document along with associated team conversations. LiveHive is built around today's normal workflow, allowing users to add and capture content with their mobile companion apps. More info.

Product name: AvePoint Timeline for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Key features: Users can view, manage and log Dynamics CRM activity on the go from an interactive interface for Windows 8 mobile devices with Timeline, part of AvePoint’s new Dynamics CRM product line. More info.

Product name: Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise

Pricing: Tiered pricing structure. For SIP trunking, standard licenses (for 1-500) are $85 dollars per session, with applied discounts. If a company would like to add remote worker capabilities, pricing starts at $65 per remote worker and goes down from there. This includes licensing fees.

Key features: This new release (6.1) secures mobility. Includes security for the Avaya Flare Experience on iPads and Avaya one-X Mobile applications on iPhones. Also: VPN-less capabilities for remote employees accessing business networks, and secure SIP trunking and remote worker applications. More info.

Product name: LinguaNext Linguify

Pricing: Priced as a percentage of a software vendor partner's license or under $100 per user in large quantities.

Key features: Linguify can add any language to any application, including mainframe, client-server, Web, cloud and mobile apps, without modifying its code or database. Using ApplnterceptT technology, Linguify captures and translates application outputs (screens, print jobs and files/reports) at run-time. More info.

Product name: Sencha Architect 2.2

Key features: The latest version of Sencha's mobile and desktop app builder -- Sencha Architect 2.2 -- allows developers to rapidly design, develop and deploy HTML5 enterprise applications. More info.

Product name: LiveRebel

Key features: LiveRebel helps software teams release apps -- code, DB and config -- in-sync, onto many environments with no downtime or overhead (failed deployments are fully rolled back). LiveRebel 2.6 supports Java, PHP, Python, Ruby and Perl apps bundled with database, config and content changes. Management console monitors the health of apps and servers in real-time. More info.

Product name: Utilization Heat Map

Key features: Heat Map provides a visual picture into Amazon Web Services cloud capacity and utilization. Allows users to identify fixed vs. variable capacity, make better capacity planning decisions, and  spot usage which could be better economically served over fixed-capacity computing platforms. More info.

Product name: Tely Labs Enterprise Edition

Key features: Brings HD-quality videoconferencing to secondary conference rooms, remote offices and teleworker locations through unprecedented interoperability with existing providers like Cisco and Polycom as well as through Apple/Android devices and computers/laptops. More info.

Story: Review: TelyHD Business Edition

Product name: iMeet for Android

Key features: iMeet's new, native Android app lets people meet face-to-face online, and start and manage their meetings from anywhere in the world. The application includes an intuitive user interface, HD video, file sharing, social tools and much more. More info.

Product name: Splunk DB Connect

Key features: Splunk DB Connect allows structured data from relational databases to be integrated into the Splunk Enterprise data monitoring and analyzing tool. More info.

Product name: RecoverTrac 2.6

Key features: Deeply integrated with VMware, RecoverTrac 2.6 recovers virtual machines using VMware Virtual Machine Disk format, reduces data failback times and automatic repairing of replication policies. More info.

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