Products of the week 1.14.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Sophos and Dell

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

iCLASS SE Platform with new iCLASS Seos Credential

Product name: iCLASS SE Platform with new iCLASS Seos Credential

Key features: HID Global's iCLASS SE access control platform with its new iCLASS Seos credentials make it possible to use NFC-enabled smartphones for a range of enterprise applications including physical access control and computer login. The state-of-the-art high frequency iCLASS Seos credentials deliver increased security and maximum interoperability. More info.

SPM RF Code Sensor Integration

Product Name: SPM RF Code Sensor Integration

Key features: Providing consolidated view of power consumption at device/cabinet level, API integration allows Server Technology’s Sentry Power Manager software tool to access environmental information from RF Code’s extensive wire-free monitoring infrastructure. More info.


Product name: FortiGate-5001C

Key features: FortiGate-5001C offers the fastest, IPv6-ready, ATCA security blade with up to 40Gbps of firewall throughput and up to 11 million concurrent sessions per blade to consolidate security functions and protect against blended threats. More info.

The ScienceLogic Platform

Product name: The ScienceLogic Platform

Key features: ScienceLogic’s management platform gives enterprise IT managers real-time, multi-tenant insight, visibility, and control over private, public, and hybrid cloud environments, and unified monitoring out-of-the-box for converged compute stacks. More info.

Ontrack Eraser 4.0

Product name: Ontrack Eraser 4.0

Key features: Enterprise data eraser solution featuring: VMware drive wiping capabilities; enhanced system performance (capacity to perform 200+ concurrent device erasures); and authentication functionality offering customizable configuration for automatic erasure or enhanced security/authentication. More info.

SCUID Lifecycle

Product name: SCUID Lifecycle

Key features: Identropy's SCUID Lifecycle provides identity and access governance and full user life-cycle management capabilities, including provisioning and de-provisioning. The solution is pre-configured with a templatized set of use cases. More info.

VDIworks Parallel over Network

Product name: VDIworks Parallel over Network

Key features: VDIworks’ Parallel Port over Network Redirector allows users to redirect printers and other parallel devices over the network. The software is comprised of a client and server: the server resides on the system which has a physical parallel port; the client creates a virtual parallel port on a remote computer. More info.

OptiTune Enterprise Edition

Product name: OptiTune Enterprise Edition

Key features: Cloud based PC management. Supports deploying applications, installing windows updates, checking for malware, monitoring CPU, memory, disk performance, and performing a software/hardware inventory. More info.

vOPS Server Explorer

Product name: vOPS Server Explorer

Key features: New Storage Explorer assess the storage performance and capacity while Change Explorer tracks the evolution of configuration changes in the virtual environment. More info.

NetDocuments Enterprise Content Management Service

Product name: NetDocuments Enterprise Content Management Service with newly-added Secure Document Delivery

Key features: NetDocuments’s Secure Document Delivery allows simple sharing and collaboration of secure and compliant documents with third parties via a public URL delivered through NetDocuments Enterprise Content Management service. More info.

Sophos EndUser Protection

Product name: Sophos EndUser Protection

Key features: To address BYOD challenges and the growing mobile workforce, this offering combines endpoint and mobile protection under one license to simplify mobile security, minimize IT expenses, and improve business productivity. More info.

OCC HC Cables

Product name: OCC HC Cables

Key features: The new HC-Series cables feature unique tight-buffered 12-fiber units, combining the ruggedness of OCC’s tight-buffer technology with high-fiber density. With the HC-Series, OCC now offers cables that have an outer diameter much smaller than conventional cables using loose tube construction. More info.

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