10 useful resources for the fledgling Android developer

Our look through online resources for those just starting to learn Android development

So you wanna develop an Android app ...

While learning the ins and outs of Android development is far from simple, there are plenty of guides, tutorials and other resources available online for the novice, and developer Ryan Park has compiled a great listing and posted it as a Google Doc available to all. Here's a quick look at some of the highlights, plus a few additional aids for the budding Android developer.

Introduction to Java

Since Android is Java-based, it behooves would-be app developers to bone up on their Java before diving in head-first. This article, from the Tuts+ site, provides a lot of useful background.


Google's own series of basic lessons

When in doubt, go to the source -- Google offers a wide range of tutorials on the basics of putting an Android app together.

SQLite usage

Park says that it's handy to be able to store app data in an SQL database, and this guide by Juan-Manuel FluxÀ of Reign Design shows you how.


The Monkey

The Monkey is a testing tool that simulates different kinds of random input into an app -- pressing buttons, introducing system events, you name it. For obvious reasons, it's a very useful way to discover bugs.

How to widget

Lars Vogel's tutorial on how to create homescreen widgets is required reading for those looking to take advantage of one of the Android OS's signature capabilities.


The question-and-answer site is one of the best resources for newbie developer help out there, Android or otherwise.


For more Java help, the interactive tutorials at W3Schools.com can be invaluable.


While the subreddit itself isn't necessarily a dev help zone, there's every chance that the denizens can point you in the right direction if you've got specific questions. Check out the sidebar for additional resources.

ChangingTheUnknown's lengthy YouTube playlist

This 200-video playlist is almost 20 hours long, but it's a great and highly thorough resource for the beginner. (Hat tip: Android Police)


The homepage of the best-known development environment for Android, Eclipse.org, also contains a variety of tutorials that could prove useful for new developers.