More Apple iPhoneys: The iOS 7 edition

As Apple WWDC approaches, juices flow among would-be iOS designers

With nonstop revamps of smartphones from Android backers, Microsoft and BlackBerry, the pressure is on Apple to update an iPhone/iPad operating system in iOS that some believe has grown stagnant. Here are some of the software ideas floating around from Apple buffs (in addition to the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPad 5 concepts that are out there).

Mohamed Kerroudj, a user interface and Web designer, has envisioned a much-improved lock screen that would enable iPhone users to respond to text messages and other notifications (perhaps via voice, since no keyboard is shown).

One more from Kerroudj, who rethinks the calendar and shows off an easier way to move from one music track to another.

Mads Bengtsson has rethought iOS, from the battery life warning to an activity log (shown here) to a redesigned multitasking surface.

Bengtsson also has other ideas for iOS contacts.

This experimental app switcher from designer "Sentry" would make switching between apps much snappier. Just watch out that your virtual finger doesn't get pinched!

Designer Max Rudberg would love to be able to resize icons on an iPhone or iPad screen by dragging/stretching them. And he readily admits this has a Windows Phone 8 feel to it.

Here's a vision for what iOS 7 might look like on a 4-inch iPhone.

Federico Bianco envisions — in a nearly 4-minute video -- what iOS 7 could mean for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPad 5, including the ability to tap into apps and controls (such as quick replies and airplane mode) from the lock screen. Bianco shows a way to double tap on widgets, such as the music player, to provide quicker access to them. He also displays a way to reset widget controls, such as volume, in a more streamlined manner.

Ran Avni and Hassen cad show off their concept of an iPhone 6 with an 8mp 3D camera and 4.8-inch edge-to-edge display.

Arthur Reis’s latest classy design, bearing the motto “Breaking laws. Again,” boasts a redesigned home button that’s like a Magic Trackpad, a 20% thinner design (6.1mm) and an iSight Pro 12mp camera.

Some would like to see Apple itself become more transparent about its management moves and production direction, but student Csaba Nagy would settle for an iPhone 6 that you can see right through. Among the features, fingerprint identification for security.

Georgi Tedoradze, a designer out of Tibilisi, Georgia, envisions the iPhone 6 featuring a 4.5-inch Retina Display, A7 processor, a thinner/lighter body at 110 grams, and a 12mp iSight camera.