10 awesome ways to celebrate Pi Day 2013

Math geeks celebrate 'Pi Day' each March 14 -- here are 10 ways to get in on the fun

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day!

Welcome to March 14 – international Pi Day! You remember pi – the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, also known as 3.14, plus so much more. To celebrate, each March 14 nerds around the world unite to celebrate the math holiday. This year we've come up with 10 different ways to show your love of pi. For even more ideas, check out our list from last year, which has 10 other suggestions! Happy Pi Daying!

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Pi Day pie

Eat pies

One of the most delicious ways to celebrate Pi Day is to eat a pie. There are no rules as to what a Pi Day pie is – blueberry, strawberry, rhubarb or even chicken pot pie could all do the trick. True pi enthusiasts decorate the pies to signify the Pi Day though, adding some extra crust of dough on top of the pie in the pi symbol, for example. If you're exceptionally good at making pi-themed pies, you can enter your Pi into this contest and win an iPad. The 2011 winner is shown at left.

Pi Day Etsy

Buy pi stuff

There's no shortage of pi-themed collectables on the Internet, ranging from these fashionable earrings at Etsy in the shape of the pi symbol, to T-shirts for the nerds among us. "My pin is the last four digits of Pi," reads one shirt. For more ideas of pi-themed memorabilia, check out Etsy's fantastic selection here.    

Pi training app

Get the Pi trainer app

If you want to be a master at reciting the digits of pi, then practice makes perfect. Thankfully, there are a variety of smartphone apps to help train yourself to memorize pi's digits. The Learn Pi Free app on the Apple App Store includes a chart showing the digits of pi, a training mode and a test mode. The Pi-morize app in the Google Play store will work similarly for Android devices.

pi world record

Be wowed by pi world records

After all that practice, now how many digits can you recite? If you think you're pretty good, you've likely got nothing compared to Chao Lu, the Chinese world record holder for reciting the digits of pi. According to PiWorldRankingList.com, which indexes world records related to pi, Lu correctly recited 67,890 digits of pi over a 24-hour period. Krishnan Chahal of India holds second-place after reciting 43,000 digits of pi in 2006.

pi search tool

Search pi

One fun way to celebrate Pi Day is to use this pi search tool. Enter in any assortment of digits and the app will inform you of when those numbers appear in pi. Enter your birthday (month/day/year) to see if it appears. Is your phone number in there?

pi books

Read pi books

No matter your age, there are a variety of pi-themed books out there. For the youngsters, try "Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi," a math adventure book. Or, for older audiences, get the complete lowdown on the irrational number by reading "A Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number," a chronicling of pi.

High Pi

Give someone a "High Pi"

The traditional celebratory hand gesture of a "high five" just isn't quite suited for Pi Day, which is why on this special day nerds give each other "High Pis." It's similar to a high five, but uses only three fingers instead of five.

Pi Day Google doodle

How many Pi Day references can you find?

On the big day (March 14) there are bound to be a variety of celebratory events going on out and about and around the Internet. How many can you find? In downtown San Francisco, Mission Pie is selling slices of its pie for the discounted price of $3.14 on Thursday. In St. Louis, Pi Pizzeria has deals on pizzas. Keep an eye out for deals in your local neighborhood. Two years ago Google created this doodle for Pi Day. How many other Pi Day references can you find?

Life of Pi

Watch a really good pi movie

"Life of Pi" the book garnered considerable attention first in the literary world, and as a movie, earned 11 Academy Award nominations this year and won in four categories. Director Ang Lee – who also directed "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" – took home the Oscar for best director.

Pi Ball

Play Pi Ball

If you're more of a sporty type, perhaps playing Pi Ball is an intriguing way to celebrate the math holiday. Reportedly invented in South Africa, the game appears to be similar to four-square, but played in a circle, of course. Watch a video at left of how Pi Ball is played, and another one here.

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