YouTube’s 7 techiest videos of the year

Our highlights from Google’s year-end video roundup.

YouTube videos

Another year of YouTube nearly in the books

Either I’m getting senile, or YouTube had a banner year for entertaining videos in 2012. (Are we still calling them “viral videos?” No? OK then.) The online video colossus was good enough to ruin my morning productivity on Monday with an impressively complete retrospective, so here’s a look at the best tech-related YouTube clips to make the roundup.

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YouTube videos

Facebook Parenting

Crazy hillbilly IT guy Tommy Jordan blasted his daughter’s laptop into smithereens with a .45 after reading an insulting Facebook post she’d written, in a display of emotional maturity that makes it difficult to understand why his kid would’ve tried to keep the post private in the first place. So strange.

YouTube videos

Caine’s Arcade

Most 9-year-olds…well, to be honest, I don’t really know what 9-year-olds are doing these days, but building classic arcades is probably not a popular activity. Young Caine Monroy, however, made his own games out of cardboard and tape. A short film posted to YouTube got massively popular overnight.

YouTube videos

YouTube – in DVD form!

YouTube’s April Fool’s joke promised customers that any video on the site could be ordered on DVD, showing an ad featuring enormous boxes labeled “how-to-videos,” among other things.

YouTube videos


Rapper Tupac Shakur was murdered in 1996, but he nevertheless took to the stage at Coachella music festival in April thanks to expensive image projection technology. Help me, Tupac, you’re my only hope.

YouTube videos

Curiosity touches down on Mars

I defy you not to feel all kinds of warm nerd-love when watching the clip of NASA’s team get the news that the Curiosity rover successfully landed on Mars.

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A Toy Train in Space

NASA it ain’t, but Ron Fugelseth’s video of his son’s toy train going to space on a weather balloon is another source of warm fuzzies, despite being understandably twee.

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Felix Baumgartner’s space jump

Total nut Felix Baumgartner, doubtless wanting to one-up the train from the last slide, rode a PROMINENTLY RED BULL-SPONSORED capsule to the edge of space and then hopped off. One of the top comments on the video argues that this is cooler than the Mars rover landing, which should remind us all to never, ever read YouTube comments.