Hottest products from Interop 2013

Interop 2013, one of the biggest networking shows each year, is here and the product announcements are plentiful


Interop 2013’s hottest products

Interop is one of the definitive networking shows. It’s a place where vendors from around the industry come to display their latest and greatest products. This year, there seems to be a focus on next-generation networking, cloud computing, security, mobile and collaboration products and services, plus the hardware and accessories to support those. Here are some of the hottest tools we’ve noticed so far at this year’s Interop. (Products are listed in no particular order)

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Worldwide Supply Media Converter MC-1000S-V1.

Product name: Worldwide Supply Media Converter MC-1000S-V1.

Key features: designed to meet the growing needs for network deployment and is able to extend a copper-based network via fiber cable to a maximum distance up to 120KM. More info.

Arista 7500E

Product name: Arista 7500E

Key features: offers 1,152 10GbE, 288 40GbE, or 96 100GbE wire-speed ports, making the Arista 7500E the fastest and most scalable data center Ethernet switch in the industry. More info.

Dell Networking S5000

Product name: Dell Networking S5000

Key features: Dell’s first 1U modular, top-of-rack switch providing pay-as-you-grow Ethernet and Fibre Channel connectivity. More info.

OmniSwitch 6900 10GBaseT (Copper)

Product name: OmniSwitch 6900 10GBaseT (Copper)

Key features: a wire-rate, top-of-rack switch for enterprise data centers that reduces cabling costs with 10GigE copper server to top-of-rack connectivity and provides legacy 1GigE copper server connectivity.

OmniSwitch 6450L

Product name: OmniSwitch 6450L

Key features: gives businesses a low-cost entry to expand networks and can grow as needed via a simple software upgrade to 1GigE connectivity with 10GigE uplinks. More info.


Product name: SmartNA-XTM

Key features: providing increased accuracy, independent filters and flexible port access making network tool configuration simple. More info.

AppRiver’s SecureSurf Web Protection with Agent

Product name: AppRiver’s SecureSurf Web Protection with Agent

Key features: Cloud-based web protection now fully equipped with end-user agent that allows companies to establish thorough Web surfing policies, monitor web usage and create whitelists of known good sites. More info.

HP FlexFabric 11900 switch series

Product name: HP FlexFabric 11900 switch series (model 11908)

Key features: The industry’s first OpenFlow-enabled aggregation switch, which improves virtualized application performance by up to 50%. More info.

HP HSR6800 router series

Product name: HP HSR6800 router series

Key features: Consolidates routing, firewall, switching and more than five times the security services of other solutions into one device that supports thousands of users. More info.

ACM5504-5-L with integrated 4G LTE support

Product name: ACM5504-5-L with integrated 4G LTE support. *Includes 3 parts numbers: ACM5504-5-LA-I (LTE version for AT&T) ACM5504-5-LV-I (LTE version for Verizon) ACM5504-5-LR-I (LTE version for Rest of the World)

Key features: By adding built-in 4G LTE support to Opengear out-of-band management solutions, businesses now get higher-speed, lower-latency performance - even during network downtime. More info.

Secret Server

Product name: Secret Server

Key features: With Secret Server password management software you can control access to critical enterprise passwords in one centralized, web-based repository. AD integration, AES 256 encryption with hashing/salting, disaster recovery, automatic password changes and much more. More info.

Niagara 5010-DPI; Next Generation PacketMaster

Product name: Niagara 5010-DPI; Next Generation PacketMaster

Key features: The system can support 50,000 filters on Layer 7 and identify applications including SKYPE, YouTube, BitTorrent, Facebook and more. It also has aggregation, packet slicing, load balancing, and traffic mirroring. More info.

Niagara 2841: 40G Intelligent Bypass Switch Manufacturer name Interface Masters Technologies

Product name: Niagara 2841: 40G Intelligent Bypass Switch Manufacturer name Interface Masters Technologies

Key features: provides maximum network uptime for inline networking and security appliances. More info.

Brocade Vyatta vRouter

Product name: Brocade Vyatta vRouter

Key features: enables multitier networks that can be deployed, configured or changed on demand, regardless of platform or hypervisor. Release 6.6 will support Multicast routing and Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), two technologies that are critical for large enterprises and cloud service providers. More info.

FileCatalyst Workflow v4.8.4

Product name: FileCatalyst Workflow v4.8.4

Key features: an enterprise-level solution combining two powerful, web-based managed file transfer workflows: submission and distribution. FileCatalyst Workflow’s latest release, v4.8.4, now features support for mobile submissions via the new FileCatalyst Android application. More info.

Smartvue S9i Cloud Surveillance Server

Product name: Smartvue S9i Cloud Surveillance Server

Key features: simple, secure, and cost-effective cloud powered HD video servers and cloud storage. More info.

AirWatch Secure Content Locker

Product name: AirWatch Secure Content Locker

Pricing: With MDM: Subscription license of $0.75 per device per month or perpetual license of $0 per device with $10 annual maintenance per device. Standalone: Subscription license of $4 per device per month or perpetual license of $50 one-time fee per device with $10 annual maintenance per device. 

Key features: supports desktop synchronization of personal content and link sharing and collaboration capabilities. Data is encrypted in-transit and at-rest with AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption. More info.

OneFabric Connect SDN

Product name: OneFabric Connect SDN

Key features: This is a software defined networking (SDN) application integration ecosystem that integrates with a partners to provide predefined and customer-defined apps for an entire network. More info.

Product name: 360° Report

Key features: business insights tool that provides a summary of historical and predictive information, providing clarity into the availability, performance, recovery, security and capacity of HOSTING’s cloud services. More info.

ReadyDATA 516

Product name: ReadyDATA 516

Pricing: A diskless NETGEAR ReadyDATA 516 (RDD516) - $2,400. A NETGEAR ReadyDATA 5200 (RD5200) with 12x1TB drives - under $10,000.

Key features -First ReadyDATA device in desktop form -Enterprise-class technology for SMBs -Comprehensive edge-to-core data protection* -Less expensive -Easier to use -ReadyDATA Hybrid Cloud allows data replication from ReadyDATA to the public cloud. More info.

NetCrunch 7

Product name: NetCrunch 7

Key features: Out-of-the-box monitoring of devices, systems, and applications - fast network discovery & configuration, Layer 2 & logical maps, port-to-port mapping, traffic volume & speed monitoring, NetFlow analyzer, and ESX monitor. More info.

Barracuda eon

Product: Barracuda eon

Key Features: Barracuda eon includes five models of a hardware appliance on which customers can drop virtualized versions of Barracuda network applications such as anti-spam, Web filtering and next-gen firewall. The advantage is that the eon virtual environment runs with a customer hypervisor that allows direct hardware access to the applications.  More info.

GigaVUE-HB1 Visibility Fabric Node

Product: GigaVUE-HB1 Visibility Fabric Node

Key features: extends Gigamon's pervasive and intelligent visibility and packet modification into a customer’s remote sites, enabling remote network monitoring by tunneling monitored data back to a central site for tool centralization and consolidation through a unified Visibility Fabric architecture. More info.

Product name: MyAryaka

Key features: offers access to network and application usage reporting on WANs. New features include Application Delivery as-a-Service and Network as-a-Service integration, mobile access, increased data segmentation and improved configuration capabilities. More info.

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