Products of the week 3.25.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Scout Analytics and GFI

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.

ICM Mobile app

Product Name: ICM Mobile app

Key features: a tool for use with an active Infrastructure Configuration Manager (ICM) software system, linking with an ICM server to coordinate planned work orders and provide direct technician messaging and responses. More info.

Cenzic Enterprise 7.1

Product name: Cenzic Enterprise 7.1

Key features: Delivers behavior-based recording and deep scanning directly from a browser, allowing for scans from anywhere. Allows managers to accurately prioritize vulnerabilities across applications and immediately remediate the greatest risks. More info.

Video Calling for Vonage Mobile

Product: Video Calling for Vonage Mobile (product is in beta)

Key features: video calling capability, allowing users to make free app-to-app video calls over Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, anywhere at any time. Currently available on Android, the video capability will also be available for iOS in early spring. Features include the ability to toggle back-and-forth between video and voice, flip camera views and mute your call. More info.

DB PowerStudio XE3.5

Product name: DB PowerStudio XE3.5

Key features: a key component of Embarcadero’s new metadata governance platform, which allows organizations to leverage diverse data across information management and the software development life cycle for successful data governance initiatives. More info.

SecureIT Mobile and Password Genie

Product name: SecureIT Mobile and Password Genie (Two separate products)

Key features: SecureIT Mobile - Maximum-strength device protection for your smartphone or tablet. Keeping you safe from malware, phishing, and built-in anti-theft protection. Includes 5GB cloud storage that backs up contacts, SMS, files, and photos. Password Genie Mobile – Store your accounts and passwords securely and enjoy ease of 1-touch logins to secure websites. Digital wallet functions help you take your important info on the go. More info.

GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.5

Product name: GSX Monitor & Analyzer 10.5

Pricing: Perpetual license GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange priced per user: $8 per users

GSX Monitor & Analyzer SharePoint priced per server: $3,250 per server

Monthly Subscription including the maintenance GSX Monitor & Analyzer for Exchange: Starts at $36.50 for 100 users

GSX Monitor & Analyzer for SharePoint: Starts at $149

Key features: expands toolsets for SharePoint, Exchange, Domino, Traveler, and BES. The latest version includes enhanced reporting, and user-based processing to improve performance and overall user experience. More info.

GFI WebMonitor 2013

Product Name: GFI WebMonitor 2013

Key features: a Web security and filtering solution, now extends filtering protection and corporate browsing policies to work-issued laptop and notebook devices running outside of the corporate network. More Info.

SIP from Twilio

Product name: SIP from Twilio

Key features: makes it easier for companies with existing IP-enabled PBXs to build all their application logic in the cloud, without having to update or reconfigure hardware. More info.

Appnomic RIMS+

Product name: Appnomic RIMS+ A next generation “RIMS 2.0” suite of remote infrastructure managed services

Pricing: ranges from $40 device/month for monitoring & alert notification to $250 device/month for full management of a device.

Key features: RIMS+ is enhanced with Appnomic’s ITPA, ITOA (IT Operations Analytics), application performance management, and automated fault/performance remediation software. RIMS+ delivers service quality improvements, compliance safeguarding, improved productivity and lower-cost IT operations. More info.

MongoDB 2.4

Product name: MongoDB 2.4

Pricing: MongoDB 2.4: Free MongoDB Subscriptions: Basic: $2,500/Server/Year Standard: $5,000/Server/Year Enterprise: $7,500/Server/Year

Key features: include Hash-based Sharding, Capped Arrays, Text Search, Geospatial Enhancements, etc. In addition, MongoDB Enterprise includes Kerberos authentication, Role-based privileges and monitoring. More info.

Scout Usage Data Hub

Product name: Scout Usage Data Hub

Pricing: Individual Scout Yield, Rate Plan and Customer Success Optimizers: Starting at 9,000 a year

Scout Usage Data Hub: Starting at $18,000 a year

Scout Analytics Suite: Starting at $36,000 a year

Key features: Recurring revenue management platform that transforms usage data into actionable segmentation allowing subscription businesses to identify customers as retention risks, up-sells or cross-sells and increase revenue by 10% to 15%. More info.


Product name: SearchYourCloud

Key features: provides secure full-text search to find and access information stored in Dropbox, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint or, without ever storing the file or its contents in the index. More info.

Virtual Office

Product name: Virtual Office

Key features: Server-based, secure, real-time access to corporate data, featuring a hosted remote desktop and IT support. Eliminates on-site servers, IT staff and allows for backups and disaster recovery. More info.

Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE): Auto Signing Capability

Product name: Enterprise App Services Environment (EASE): App Signing Capability

Key features: eliminates the complexity of signing enterprise apps, a process that often adds days to workflow and delays projects. More info.

DNN Social

Product name: DNN Social

Key features: businesses can easily create and manage communities on corporate websites, giving customers a one-stop destination for consuming content, exchanging ideas and interacting. Features: gamification, ideation and more. More info.

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