Products of the week 3.4.13

Our roundup of intriguing new products from companies such as Enterasys and Trend Micro

Our roundup of intriguing new products. Read how to submit an entry to Network World's products of the week slideshow.


Product name: AccessToGo

Key features: provides fast and simple access to Windows desktops and applications on any RDP host. It runs directly within a Chrome browser, and supports Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, as well as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux devices running Chrome. More info.

OneFabric Connect

Product name: OneFabric Connect

Key features: a first-of-its-kind offering that enables the unprecedented integration of third-party applications into the OneFabric Control Center for dramatically improved enterprise mobility, zero-effort onboarding and BYOD support. More info.

Acronis Mac backup and data protection architecture

Product name: Acronis Mac backup and data protection architecture

Key features: enables seamless and secure integration of Macs in the enterprise. Based on ExtremeZ-IP and Acronis Backup & Recovery, it eliminates the business continuity and compliance risks of Mac use without disrupting the user experience. More info.

OnApp Cloud v3.0

Product name: OnApp Cloud v3.0

Key features: With OnApp you can build a global cloud business. It's a complete cloud platform for service providers, with integrated CDN, SAN, DNS and more. Now it supports VMware too. More info.

OneID QuickFill

Product Name: OneID QuickFill

Key features: eliminates the need for site-specific accounts, enabling users to create a unique, fully encrypted Digital ID and use it to complete transactions in just a few clicks. More info.

SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

Product name: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor

Key features: remediation capabilities, including starting and stopping services, killing rogue processes, and rebooting services, among others. Additionally, SAM now features improved MSP support and additional multi-vendor support. More info.

Acunu Analytics for Cassandra

Product name: Acunu Analytics for Cassandra

Key features: a platform and toolset that layers on top of Cassandra's base 'key-value pair' data model, delivering ‘fast-to-build’ rich queries, rich data modeling and real-time results. More info.

Continuuity Developer Suite and Continuuity Developer Sandbox

Product name: Continuuity Developer Suite and Continuuity Developer Sandbox

Key features: abstracts away infrastructure and helps make developers into Big Data developers via access to higher level APIs, sample libraries and a flexible runtime. More info.

Pricing: ET1110PSE – An open-SFP Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter – $364.99

ST2000PEXPSE – A Dual-Port Gigabit Network Card – $229.99

PEX1000SFP – A PCI-Express-based Gigabit Fiber Network Card – $229.99

ETCHS2U – A 20-Slot, 2U Rackmount Media Converter Chassis - $681.99

Key features: ETCHS2U – A 20-Slot, 2U Rackmount Media Converter Chassis, which enables users to consolidate fiber media converters into a network rack or cabinet. ET1110PSE – An open-SFP Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter which creates an Ethernet-Fiber link while acting as a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) device. PEX1000SFP – A PCI-Express-based Gigabit Fiber Network Card, which lets users connect a PC to a fiber network, using the Gigabit SFP of choice. ST2000PEXPSE – A Dual-Port Gigabit Network Card, which adds two PSE-capable PoE Gigabit ports to a PC through a PCI Express expansion slot. More info.

Security Manager Version 7.0

Product name: Security Manager Version 7.0

Key features: Enables security and operations teams to more effectively identify, understand and manage changes in security posture – in real-time. New capabilities include Continuous Assessment, Best Practice Modeling and Business Process Standardization. It is the first security and policy management platform to support the OMG’s BPMN 2.0 standard. More info.

Trend Micro Custom Defense Solution for C&C Response

Product Name: Trend Micro Custom Defense Solution for C&C Response

Key features: focuses on identifying and blocking the command and control (C&C) communications used by advanced persistent threats (APT) and targeted attacks and lets organizations detect and analyze threats and adapt their protection to respond to the attackers. More info.

inContact Cloud Contact Center Software

Product name: inContact Cloud Contact Center Software

Key features: orchestrates native contact channels, such as voice, email and chat as well as external contact center work items, such as social media, trouble tickets and CRM cases. More info.

Workshare Desktop Sync

Product name: Workshare Desktop Sync

Key features: allows users to synchronize files and documents between the Workshare Platform and their Windows or Mac OS Desktop, whether online or offline. More info.


Product name: SimpleSearch

Key feautres: builds a unique index that speeds Hadoop queries by 1,000x providing fast, self-service access to Big Data. More info.

Kyriba Pro

Product name: Kyriba Pro

Key features: The Kyriba Pro solution for mid-market companies enables treasurers and CFOs to streamline and automate daily treasury management tasks, improve cash forecasting and visibility and make more informed financial decisions. More info.

Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 3.0

Product name: Zerto Virtual Replication (ZVR) 3.0

Key features: New enterprise features extend Disaster Recovery to remote offices and features include self-service portal, resource management tools and vCloud 5.1 integration. More info.

Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0

Product name: Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI 4.0

Key features: The new release is the first solution that enables Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View customers to run persistent virtual desktops In-Memory using RAM as primary storage, making persistent virtual desktops cheaper and faster than physical PCs. More info.

Vitria Operational Intelligence 4

Product name: Vitria Operational Intelligence 4

Key features: Vitria Operational Intelligence 4 is a unified, scalable platform for continuous, real-time analytics on big data, streaming events, and business processes. More info.

Ecliptic Meta Controller

Product name: Ecliptic Meta Controller

Key features: It provides top-level management of multiple disparate management applications and supervisory programs, each administering a different portion of the end-to-end system allowing administrators to manage a complex networking system in a very simplified and easy manner.